Boxing idol Manny Pacquiao enters showbiz

Filipino flamboyant boxer Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao is now an actor. He is now known around town as “The Actor” where beautiful women racing each other to draw his attention. His yet to be released action film were full of controversies partly because of his involvement to his lead actresses.

Showbiz reporters, known for their scoops and shop talking styles of reporting with bogus conviviality as their job may calls for, are spreading news about Pacquiao’s intimate closeness to one of his leading ladies. The actress was a voluptuous and sexy young nymphet with a come from behind “seductive attitude.” The flamboyant boxer was believed to be charmed by the actress beauty that a gift of something good for a lifetime was offered by Pacquiao.

On the other hand, the other actress who is equally young, beautiful and sexy cried foul when she was accused of cavorting with Pacquiao in their torrid kissing scene as part of the film’s shoot. But the actress reasoned out that the torrid kissing scene was not part of the script and said she was the one violated. The actress reacted to the issue because the wife of Pacquiao had texted her with hostile messages.

What a life though for these celebrities, from Pacquiao et al. This is completely “irritainment” or irritating entertainment.