Breast Enlargement Using Stem Cells And Fat From Your Own Body

 In this day and age, with society as it is, many women feel that the size and shape of their breasts is simply not good enough, and as a result of this, their confidence can take a real knock. Certain factors such as weight loss, or gain, breast feeding, genetics, and the natural effects of ageing can all play an important role in natural breast size, and structure.

If any of the above applies to you, then don’t worry, because it is now possible to improve the size and shape of your breasts, without the need for silicone implants.

Breast Enlargment
Scientists in the US have discovered a ground breaking new procedure, which actually allows them to grow breast tissue, from their patient’s own body fat. The procedure works by extracting stem cells from fatty deposits and build-ups in a body, and then re-injecting them back into the patient’s own breast tissue, where they begin to grow into larger looking breasts. This means that effectively, you have the potential of killing two birds with one stone, as it were, and removing fat from unwanted areas, such as your hips, and placing it back into your breasts, one of the few areas on your body that a little extra fat is actually welcome.

Experts are saying that this surgery is safer and less invasive than regular silicone implant breast augmentation surgery.

So how exactly does it work? – “The science behind this radical new procedure is actually more simple than you may think. Now, the concept of removing fat from your body and transplanting it into another area is not new. The new aspects of this surgery, involve the inclusion of stem cells. The inclusion of these stem cells means that the fat cells stay alive, and do not die during the transplant procedure” says dr Joseph Ajaka from the Cosmos Clinic.

Will this procedure replace silicone implant surgery? – At this stage, experts are still not sure. One thing they do know. Is that it is less invasive than silicone implant surgery. As for the safety aspects, although experts at this stage believe it is a safer procedure than silicone implants, the truth is that it is still too new of a procedure to know just how safe it is in the long term. Results are however, looking promising at this stage.

How long does it take before you start to see a difference? – Generally, once the stem cell enriched fat cells have been injected into the breast tissue, you will be able to see a change almost immediately. Even more so than years previous, now that the cell preserving stem cells have been included. As for how big a difference, it is usually a cup size improvement on average.

How much does this procedure cost? – This procedure is not exactly cheap. Experts are looking at costs at around $5000 – $8000, once it has been approved for Australia. For US, the rates are still not defined.

How long will it take to recover? – As this procedure is much less invasive than silicone implant breast augmentation surgery, the downtime for recovery is much shorter. There is likely to be some slight bruising and swelling, so it is best to wait around 2 weeks before you do any physical activity.

This procedure is still in its early stages, but results are looking more and more positive every single day. It is extremely likely that this procedure will soon be the preferred breast enlargement surgery rather than silicone implants, so it is worth bearing that in mind.