Bret Hart says Farewell to WWE?

Bret "Hitman" Hart has done a lot for the pro wrestling industry. He conconquered every promotion that he wrestled for, including the WWE and WCW.

Hart’s name has also been smeared with controversy. At Summerslam in August of 1997, The Hitman, won the WWE Championship for the fifth time by defeating The Undertaker. His victory led to the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

Bret Hart signed with Vince McMahon’s rival company, WCW, but was the WWE Champion. At the 1997 Survivor Series, Bret was supposed to retain the title by disqualification, because he didn’t want to lose it in his home country of Canada. McMahon agreed with Hart and the stage was set.

The night of the show however, Shawn Micheals had Hart put in his own finishing manuever, The Sharpshooter, McMahon had the bell rung, signaling the end of the match and giving the belt to The Heart Break Kid.

Nobody ever thought The Hitman would step into a WWE ring again, but we were all wrong. In early 2010, Hart returned as the guest host of Monday Night Raw. The night didn’t end as well as Hart would have liked. McMahon did it to him again. After raising his hand in a sign of respect, Vince turned and kicked Hart in the gut.

2010 didn’t get much better for Bret. On the Febuary 15th edition of Raw in Des Moines, Iowa, Hart got his leg pinned between two cars after a woman accidently backed into him.

A week later Vince McMahon offered Bret Hart the oppurtunity to come back and give the WWE Universe a proper farewell to the buisness that he helped make into what it is today.

Bret Hart is scheduled to appear on the March 1st edition of Raw. Will he say farewell to wrestling for good, or does he have other plans for the chairman of the WWE.