Can People Be Trusted 100%?

Commentary: The New Year 2013 has caused me to review my life and to think about some of the questions I would like to ask other people. Here’s just one of the questions I’d like to ask, "Can people honestly say they can trust a person 100% and not waver in their statement?"
It’s my opinion that no-one can be trusted 100% because when people suffer from stress, need money, seek more material things than they can afford, a loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, suffer from depression, drug or alcohol abuse, loss of a will or a desire, greed, a gambling habit, a desire to control and to rule, and have an urge to satisfy a need in their relationship that they’re not getting, they’re apt to go astray and to do something foolish to change their loyal and honest behavior.

People when this begins to happen in a person’s life, they’re suffering from a form of depression and they’re liable to do things they would have never thought about doing in their life. When people suffer from a  lack of something in their lives and they do not know exactly what it is, they’ll attempt many schemes they never thought they would because of the urge to fix the emptiness they’re feeling within. 

When people come to a point in their lives where they believe they’ve achieved as much as they can, they’ll often get greedy and shoot for the stars by doing something dishonest to grasp a higher level in their lives. They do not care what they have to do to get there or who they have to walk over to get it. Watch out…this is dishonesty brewing at its highest peak and the person will more than likely achieve what he/she has set their visions on.

Often people become disgruntled in a job position because they’re not making the money they feel they deserve and they’ll get an attitude they’re being cheated and they’re going to get even one way or another. They begin to scheme a way to steal from the company to heighten and satisfy their need for "more" money. They get a feeling of self-gratification and it boosts their ego into believing
they’re getting what is theirs.
People who become unhappy in their marriages or in a long term relationship will almost 100% of the time seek a relationship outside of the one they’re currently in. Once they’ve cheated it is an ego booster and it satisfies there need to satisfy their urge…until the next time.   

A lot of people try to satisfy a requirement for happiness and living on the edge through gambling habits. They gamble until they get to a point where they’ve lost all their assets and they’ll seek a means of dishonesty, cheating, and possibly robbery to keep up their habits to achieve the contentment they need to feel in their lives.  

Do you think it makes me feel respectable to say, "It is hard to trust a person 100%?" It definitely doesn’t and it is not something I like to dwell on because I try to give everyone a 100% at all times, but when it comes to saying, "I can trust a person 100%, it becomes almost impossible for me because I must take into considerations all of the if’s, and’s, and but’s."
There are too many obstacles that can get in a person’s thoughts and to cause them to do something dishonest and to destroy trust. A person has "no way" of knowing what the person is going through or what’s on their mind so how can a person trust someone 100%? 

I would like to say, "If a person is feeling a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, depressed, having an emptiness and desiring to fill it, a gambling habit, or any other personal problem, it is wise for them to seek professional help before they make a terrible mistake in their life." There’s nothing or anyone worth destroying a life that has times that has not been spent…life is too short.

This is the sole opinion of the writer, Barbara Kasey Smith.