Change Yourself and Your LIfe Changes

It is not impossible to reach your star is information now available on You Tube called “Channeling from Higher Realms” with Marilyn Redmond.  Her January 19, 2013 channeling is now up and accessible for your listening on You Tube. Over thirteen hundred people have listened to her information, advice, and truth.   This channeling is especially valuable as St. Germaine describes “The Process” in the second section of the messages from spirit.  With times changing, it is helpful to understand life from a more meaningful perspective, a spiritual point of view.  Changing to meet new conditions makes life smoother and less frantic.

 In her current channeling, everyone is welcomed to the group by Martha, Marilyn’s gatekeeper.  The first part of this channeling offers connecting to loved ones past over.  Healing unfinished business and being able to find comfort from knowing those on the other side have made their transition comfortably is a major bonus of being able to talk to our loves ones who have passed. 

 The second part is an explanation describing "The Process" by St. Germaine.  He talks about moving from being emotionally not available as if frozen or numb to becoming more fluid in your vibrations to move into the flow of energy that fills and surrounds you.  Then it is possible to rise spiritually into the spirit of oneness in the highest vibrations of joy and bliss. 

 The process is the moving into higher consciousness, also called ascension or the second coming of the Christ.  Learning how to move into high vibrational energy is a major focus of the channelings by Marilyn Redmond.  Her mission is to explain in simple terms how this is achievable from our present state of awareness.  Her newest book, “Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You” is ready for publication that explains in detail the simple principles and messages shared each month for those eager to move into elevating their awareness into a loving oneness of all. 

 Learning that we have power to change our lives gives us empowerment.  We create our own reality.  When we change, life around us changes.  In this new paradigm, we move beyond fear into a loving, thriving life style. In addition, Archangel Ariel offers an exercise to meet your God Self and see yourself through the eyes of the God you are.  It is a practice to claim your higher self as we move into Fifth Dimension.  We can become the people we are waiting for. 

 In addition, Marilyn has an  E-book, The Real Meaning of 2012, Bringing a New Paradigm of Heaven to Earth” at Amazon Kindle.  This information further explains releasing the ego for ascension to happen for you.  She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Board for Regression Therapy, and lifetime member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. Channeling, regression and past life regression brings solutions to long-standing health and life issues. For information about Marilyn and her work, see her web site Angelica’s Gifts.