Changing Aspects Of Android Apps Development

 Android smart phones have reached the heights of success as they are growing more and more popular. With number of applications being created and distributed across the world among millions. As new handsets are getting released in the market regularly there has been increase in the sales of android phones by 32 percent every month. Industry experts opine that with the advent of smart phones having rich functionalities, there has been an enhancement in mobile apps development.

Cloud based service integration is the latest offering of Android platform for apps development. Cloud computing has provided support to many companies in managing information technology and making the optimum utilization of and promoting their own services. There are a number of well known Android applications that have utilized location based feature provided by Google. It is an extension of Google map feature. This feature has made way for different applications which can help the customer find the location using GPS and it has now moved a step ahead by providing relevant information about the place.

Analysts opine that in the near future mobile applications will offer facility for e-payments as there are gadgets that can aid a mobile phone in swiping credit cards. You can expect your Android iPhone to send and receive payments in the coming days. Android applications development is now emphasizing on providing e-commerce based services.


In order to meet the growing demands for android application, there are a number of offshore software development firms that are coming up to offer their services at competitive rates. These android apps developers engaged in android apps development services providing firms, utilize the platform as well as its attributes optimally for making a number of innovative applications at competitive rates. To remain in the business and face the cut throat competition it is highly essential for these organizations to give out the best android applications with a specific time frame. They also need to keep the recent trends in the smart phone market in consideration before and while designing an android application.


Android developmentalso create java based third party mobile applications that have been specifically designed for mobile devices that include PDAs. Android application development opens up the doors of opportunity for implementing Java managed code platform. It is a separately developed Java machine known as Dalvik. Native code opens up the chances of interfacing through JNI. Some of the services that come under the genre of android apps development are as follows:


  • Web-based application mobile development

  • Custom Android add-on development

  • Mobile utilities development

  • Android games development

  • Java-based games development

  • Business app development

  • Multimedia mobile solutions

  • Location based app development with GPS support

  • Communication mobile application development

  • QA and testing services


Offering background services, android offers well planned support system for GUI navigation. Being more flexible than iPhone, android platform helps in developing and deploying apps easily without confining the platform vendor. This popular mobile operating system has gained great support from good players in the mobile market along with support offered by Google.



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