Christianity Defined

First let me establish one important fact. I have stated this many times before but it deserves repeating.

We are children of God, His creation and,we are "spirit beings", created in God’s own image, living in human form.

While here, if we choose, to carryout God’s will, as His child and servant, until the day we are recalled back to heaven, where we will have to account for our deeds inorder to receive our heavenly rewards. We can and do choose to.

If our deeds have been many, and have pleased God, our heavenly reward will be great. If our deeds are few, our reward will be little. Our entrance into Heaven is guaranteed by the promise of God and Jesus, but our rewards must be earned.

Through faith in God’s teachings, I see and I believe that Christianity must be defined, and defined thusly.

It begins by a statement of faith, faith no bigger then that of a "Mustard Seed", that says even though I cannot physically, with my human eyes, and ears, and hands, see, or hear, or feel Almighty God and His Godly presence, I without reservation know and believe that He exists, and that He is present, and, that he dwells within me for eternity. To deny God, to deny His existance is a "Sin against the Holy Spirit" which is considered an "unforgivable sin" MATTHEW: 10: 33 MATTHEW: 12:31

God is a Triune God. One God, but Three distinct yet interactive persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Almighty God is Omnicient (all knowing), Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (in all places at the same time), Omnific (creating all things).

We as True Christians believe that Almighty God, through the powers of the Holy Spirit, chose people throughout History to create, to write, to record historically on His behalf, His Word The Holy Bible.

These chosen people are/were, His prophets except for one, Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son.

The Prophets of the Old Testament, as well as the Epistle writers, of the New Testament, were chosen of God. Jesus spoke for Himself, and was recorded through His Apostles recording Jesus life, the things He did, and what Jesus Said.

We believe that Almighty God, Christ Jesus, and God’s Holy Spirit, despise all sin and are virtually incapable of sinning, and that God cannot lie, therefore His words in The Torah, (Old Testament) as well as God’s Words and Jesus words in the New Testament are infallible truth.

We believe that Adam sinned, by being disobedient to God’s only rule. We believe, that this sin could not be erased by Adam’s penitence, therefore Adam’s sin is passed down from one human being to another.

We believe that through Cain death came and that this sin could not be erased by his penitence, that Almighty God required a perfect sin-free sacrifice to erase these sins.

We believe, that the Son of God Jesus, through the powers of the Holy Spirit, volunteered to become a man and take on human form, to live and suffer as man. We believe that the Holy Spirit entered a Virgin Girl named Mary, and that she gave birth to a baby named Jesus which serves to fulfill Bible Prophecy, and that Jesus is the Son of God, The prophetically fore-told Messiah, The Saviour.

We further believe that Jesus was sinless, but, that He chose to be crucified and that while He hung there on the cross, He chose to and permitted the sins of all mankind, sins past, present, and future, to become apart of his suffering as His responsibilty to Almighty God, to free man from sin, in fulfillment of the Old Testament Prophesy.

We also believe that because Jesus was resurrected from the grave by God, that Jesus defeated death and that death and damnation of us as spirits is no more.

As a Christian this is what we must believe welcoming it into our hearts.

As one seeking to become a Christian, the instant that you freely from your heart acknowledge Almighty God, confess to Jesus your sinfulness, asking for His forgiveness, and acknowledge that through His sacrificial crucifixion, your belief that through His shed blood, you are cleansed of your sins, you become re-born, renewed through Christ Jesus and you can stand before Almighty God purified, sanctified, and sealed for eternity. Through the shed,cleansing blood of Our Lord Jesus, your sins are washed away. You become renewed, born again.You need never to worry again, whether or not you will go to heaven to be with God, for God and Jesus have promised this, and God cannot lie.

By our faithful belief in Jesus and becoming "Born Again" through our faithful belief, not only do we become Christian, but we become sanctified, free of sin, and our place in heaven is eternally secured. Yes we will sin again, right up to the moment that we die, but we have the assurance that Jesus is forgiving each sin as He intercedes for us.

Almighty God teaches us His laws, His must do and must not do regulations through the Old Testament laws, that must be obeyed by all mankind, believer and non-believer alike.

Jesus teaches us how to become sanctified and sealed for eternity, and to Love, through the Gospels of the New Testament, and He and His Apostles teach us how to think and speak and act, so that others can witness our examples of Christian Living and see how it can become beneficial to their own lives.

It is through our example to others and how we treat our fellow man that we receive our heavenly rewards.

You can attend church with Roman Catholics, Penticostals, Baptists, Mormons, Anglicans, Presbyterians where ever you feel the most comfortable.

Your Christian beliefs the basic ones that I have spelled out here should,and must also be present there.

Any "Religion" that does not accept this fundamental teaching is not Christian is not of Christ. By the way, when I use the word "Church" I am not referring to a building, and I am not referring to the Denomination. I am referring to a congregation or a group of like minded individuals gathered together to worship God. The "Church" is the people.