Collecting Postcards From Around the World is Deltiologist’s Hobby

Postcard Collector Is Real Card

Daniel, an American expat in the Asian island nation of Taiwan, is a real card: His hobby is collecting postcards — from all over the world. A world traveller since his college days in Boston USA, Card has been doing this since 1985 and says he has amassed a huge collection of over 10,000 cards from around 30 countries. His goal is to collect one million cards. Later, he will donate them to a musuem somewhere in the world that specializes in deltiology. He is now soliciting postcards from any country in the world, in any language, and promises a return airmail postcard from his home in Taiwan in return, to anyone who writes to him.

Just write:

Post Office Box 1000,
Chiayi City,
Postal code 600-99

Our purpose here is to promote global interest in postcard collecting (known by its official name of "deltiology") by encouraging the study, preservation and exhibition of postcards and related materials; to cultivate mutual friendship and assistance among collectors, students and penpals worldwide.