Ground Report Recognition Awards January-May2012


It’s time once again for Ground Report’s Recognition Awards. This is the first set of Recognition Awards in 2012, so Ground Report has looked at articles from January through May to find the best. When we were searching, we looked for well-written, original articles that covered news that may otherwise have been passed over by other news sources. So, without further ado, here are the chosen articles for the first half of 2012:


Homophobia Endemic in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

By Yevgenia Kim, Yekaterina Shoshina, Dina Tokbaeva, Umed Olimov, Olimbek Olimov, Mehrangez Tursunzoda 


This article was written by members of IWPR, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting, which supports independent journalists in areas of crisis and transition around the world. From the IWPR website, “Umed Olimov, Olimbek Olimov, Mehrangez Tursunzade are IWPR contributors in Tajikistan. Ekaterina Shoshina is a student at the Bishkek-based American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Yevgenia Kim is a journalist in Bishkek and Dina Tokbaeva is IWPR regional editor.”


Philippines: Palawan Bomb Attack ‘Extortion and Politics’ Angles Seen with Arrest

By Michael Cohen


Michael Cohen, aka MikeinManila, is a regular contributor to Ground Report, who covers Philippine current events. He writes updates on Philippine domestic policy and foreign relations, with consistent and objective reporting. This award is for not only this particular article, but also his coverage of the Philippines in general.


The Truth About Debt: A Close Look at Ireland and Greece

By J Iddhis Bing


J Iddhis Bing is a relatively new contributor to Ground Report working from Paris. In this article, he interviews Tony Phillips on the ongoing Euro crisis, specifically concerning Greece and Ireland. The article offers an interesting opinion on the economic difficulties these two countries face, and that the Euro Zone in general faces.


The Saigon Horn

By Michael Smith


Michael smith is an Australian journalist and writer currently tutoring journalism in Queensland. In this two-part series he investigates the illicit trade in rhino horn in Vietnam. The article tracks his investigation of the highly-profitable sale of this traditional medicine obtained from an endangered species, now wiped out in Vietnam from poaching.


The Ground Report Recognition Awards were made possible by an anonymous donation. The recognized writers will receive a $60 prize for their winning articles. Look for the winning articles on the front page of Ground Report all this week.