Confessing Ones Sins To Jesus

Lord Jesus, though I am not worthy of your forgiveness or compassion, still I will ask. Forgive me Lord Jesus, for I am a sinner?

I sin the sin of Wilful Disobedience; when I am asked by Our Father to carryout His will, and I refuse to do it, or, when I refuse the guidance of The Holy Spirit, or, the help of others whom you have sent to me to help me.

I sin the sin of Judging others; when I stand in judgement of others for their errors or sins, accusing them of wrongdoing, especially since I am not perfect.

I sin the sin of Hate and Predjudice; each time I judge a person or a group of people, or a nation, for the acts of one, or a handful of wrongdoers.

I sin the sin of Doubtfulness; when I do not trust in my God Given Abilities to succeed, knowing that you would not ask anything of me that I am incapable of, and knowing that you will make me capable of anything you ask of me.

I sin the sin of laziness; when I am asked to do something, especially by Father God and I procrastinate, and look for shortcuts, seeking the easy way to get things done.

I sin the sin of self pity and even self loathing; when I screw things up, and then fail to turn to you to help me to correct things or, when I am ignored or not included in the activities of others close to me.

I sin the sin of Pride; each time I choose to ignore Holy Spirit’s suggestions to do things a certain way, choosing to do things in my timing and my way.

I sin the sin of Thoughtlessness and being Inconsiderate; every time I fail to include you God in any part of my life, or when I fail to consider the feelings and the sufferings of others.

I sin the sin of Arrogance; when I think myself smarter than others, even if I might be, or, better than others in certain things, forgetting that you are the one who created in me my personal knowledge, my personal skills, my personal abilities, just as you did for the others.

I sin the sin of Greed; when I ask for more of anything, that truly exceeds my true needs, my “Daily Bread”.

I sin the sin of Covetousness; when I desire that which is not mine, but belongs to another.

I sin the sin of Impatience; each time I ask for something, or demand something, expecting it right away.

I sin the sin of Ungratefulness; when I receive your answer, but, your answer is”NO” or it is not as I wanted or expected it to be.

I sin the sin of Anger and resentment; every time I fail to forgive others and hold a grudge against them.

I sin the sin of Selfishness; when I want more than my fair share of attention or things, or when I put myself before others.

I sin the sin of Wrongful Pride; when I take credit for anything I do, failing to acknowledge you God, and the contributions of others.

I sin the sin of Stubborness; when I will not accept God’s “NO” and try for what ever I feel you have denied me, trying to do it in my own way, even when you have told me I will fail.

I sin the sins of Jealousy and Envy; when i see someone more prosperous than I, wishing and praying to have what they have.

I sin the sins of Anger and Quick Temperdness; when I use my sharp hurting tongue to lash out at another without thinking, or provocation because I am upset with them for little things, petty things, even for nothing at all.

I sin the sin of Conceit; when I think myself smarter or better than the rest, failing to realize and remember that You God, made me with all my abilities, as well as making them with theirs, forgetting we are none the same.

I sin the sins of Deceitfulness or Lying; everytime I hold back the truth, or, I stretch or embelish upon the truth, regardless of the consequences involved. A lie by ommission is still a lie, and the truth is the truth.

I sin the sin of Spitefulness; everytime I do something to spite you Father God, or, to spite another person just to prove I can do it.

Worst of all though My Lord Jesus, I sin the sins of Thoughtlessness and Uncaring; towards you precious Jesus, everytime I sin any of these sins and sins not mentioned, and i do not take into consideration, the pain and anguish and suffering, that each sin causes you My Lord.

Lord Jesus, I am guilty of these sins and many others not yet mentioned, more than I can count or remember. Yet even though I know myself unworthy of your forgiveness, your compassion and your grace, I plead for it just the same, and I promise that I will do much better, to not sin, trying to become more like you every day……….AMEN!