Confidence Vote: With BJP on the Defensive, it’s Smooth for Congress and Nuclear Deal

Rumors are doing rounds in political circles that BJP and even RSS have been managed by USA. If the recent uttering of various Sangha Privar leaders are any indications, then the BJP is on the defensive on Confidence vote in the floor of the house.

Party sources said the pro-US lobby in the BJP is eager to see the deal through. Senior BJP leaders admit in private that they do not want to be clubbed with the Left parties on the N-Deal issue and share the blame of pulling down a government over an international agreement. Many BJP leaders are dismissive of the confidence vote saying what difference it makes if elections are delayed by a few months (and government completes its tenure).

On the conditions of anonymity a party official said, “We stand to gain if this government drags on like this. Inflation is touching 12%, issues are tumbling out every day like Amarnath shrine row- and the Left and Mayavati is doing every thing to discredit the Congress.”

A  BJP  MP  (want to be anonymus)  was  straight forward, “We  would  oppose  the   government   and  discredit   the Congress  leadership.  But  we  don’t  want a Nuclear Deal centric election”. What  the MP  left unsaid  is that the party would neither bowl effectively nor set an attacking field. The mood in BJP is like this: if the catch comes, we  would hold it.

The left on the other hand would go tooth and nail to oppose and pin down the government on the N-Issue and vote against, but would like (at least the Bengal part of Left which have a lot at stake) the government to survive, so that they get an extra time to repair recent losses in Bengal elections.

So, for Congress it is a win-win situation and Bush must be happy that he has a strong disciple in Dr. Manmohan Singh!