Confirmed Consents Should Be Required Before A Child Can Be Aborted

Commentary: I’ve known some women throughout life who have had an abortion without the consent of their husbands or from men in a relationship who has fathered a baby. It is my firm belief that any woman who is planning to have an abortion should have their husband’s or partner’s confirmed consent before they can have it done.

It’s my belief that a married couple, who has made a commitment to each other, took an oath before God and those in attendance, and they were joined together by holy matrimony, the man should have a legal right to make a decision before his wife can abort a baby. This same principal should also apply to any man who has fathered a child and the woman wants to abort the child.

I believe that "no" husband or "no" partner has the right to demand that a woman have an abortion without her confirmed consent. I’ve known women whose husband’s/partner’s have demanded them to have an abortion because of one or another reason and many of them had a house full of children and "no" job and "no" place to go and they were forced to go through the process for the sake of keeping their children. Many of these women have suffered because of a forced issue.

I believe every woman should have their right to refuse their husband’s demand and there should be laws in place to protect the woman.

I believe that it would be wise for people to read in the Scriptures about what God has to say about "life." I’ve not included all of the available Scriptures about this subject but I’ve listed a few of them below:

These Scriptures that I’ve listed make it clear about God’s view about abortion. In Jeremiah 1: 5 it tells us that God knew us before He formed us in the womb; and in Psalms 139: 13 – 16 it speaks of God’s role in the creation and the formation of a baby in the womb; and in Genesis 1: 26 – 27 ; 9: 6 it tells us, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."
"God created man in His own image, in the image of God created by Him; male and female created He them;" and in Genesis 9: 6 the Bible tells us, "Who so shreds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God he made man." 

It is my opinion God formed the life so why should man or woman have the right to abort the child’s life? God gave the life to a woman and only God should have the right to take the child’s life and it should not be at the decision of a woman or a man.

This same concept applies to a woman who wants to abort a husband’s or partner’s child or to a woman whose husband or partner demands the woman to have an abortion. The child belongs to both people and it is their flesh and blood and they both have the right to have a confirmed say before an abortion can be carried out.  

It is my opinion God’s word is very clear about the importance of "life" and no-one should covet to abort what God created in His own image.
The child doesn’t get a voice in the person’s choice either, and it is my opinion, every life formed by God should have a choice to live and not die. It causes me much grief when I think about the child who didn’t get a choice. 

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article – The Holy Bible, King James Version and in the New & Old Testaments in Scriptures as stated above was used as a source for the article.