Conservation of natural resources

objectives- the development process of India has jeopardized our basic life support system. Therefore we require a adopt a strategy for conservation of natural resources. We have a vast area of wastelands, drought prone areas, desert areas and flood affected areas. Our major river systems are inflicted by atmospheric pollution. We have a very high rate of gowth of human and livestock population which has resulted in growing demand for food, fuel and fodder and our forests are getting denuded. It is therefore following six tasks have been recognized.


1) stabilization of population growth

2) integrated land use and water management

3) conservation of biological diversity

4) sustainable energy and resource utilization – 1) biomass 2) fossil fuel and minerals

5) pollution control

6) improvement of human habitats


with these objectives in mind for the conservation of natural resources along with a sustainable development, the government have made various plans and programs.