Consultative workshop on Zonotic Disease

 One Day National Consultative & Experience Sharing workshop on Life stock for life Fighting Zonnosis in Pakistan

By" Gul Hamaad  Farooqi

CHITRAL: A day long workshop on consultative and experience sharing workshop on life stock for life a project of fighting against zonosis in Pakistan was held at a local hotel.  Dr. Abdul Aziz  National Program Manager of Relief International briefed the stakeholders about the aim and objectives of RI and this comprehensive workshop. He said that there are some 295 zonotic diseases communicable to human from animal and from animal to human life. And relief international fighting against these zonotic diseases for its eradication . He said that due lack of awareness  so many people affecting from these zonotic diseases as well lack of facilities like diagnosis, laboratory test etc. We involve media persons, teachers, students, social workers regarding creating awareness  among the masses regarding zonotic diseases and we are trying of our best to overcome on these communicable diseases he added. We work out on slaughter houses and sensitize butchers for safe and hygienic  slaughtering of animal for protection of human life. Due to our efforts a chapter was included on Zonotic in AHITI) which is our success story. Relief international work on different level like on district, province and central level.  We also offered 14 scholarships to students of different universities to encourage them to work on zonotic.


Stakeholders were given the task to prepare different knowledge and recommendation for possible solution on several titles in  group working like Bio-risk Management extension and community outreach.  Veterinary and public health management, Research and development for prevention and control zonotic  and communicable diseases. The intellectuals recommended for model slaughter houses in each district as well as proper dispose off of wastage and creating of awareness must for prevention from these diseases. Dr. Azam Karak Dean of Lasbila University Balochistan, Dr. Shukat, Dr. Ataur Rehman,Dr. Ajaz, Students of different universities delivered and shared their experiences.

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