Commentary and Analysis     

Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center (Afripol) supports and encourages a genuine, candid and sincere fight against corruption in Nigeria and Africa in general. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is the premier agency that was mandated by presidential executive order to investigate, fight and establish the fundamental premise for corruption control and eradication in Nigeria. EFCC must have a clear mission to engage effectively in the persistent fight against corruption. Therefore it becomes imperative that Nigerians must support EFCC but at same time EFCC must make it self-evident that they are serious and committed to the mission of arresting corruption and its criminality in Nigeria.

All hands must be on deck to encourage and sustain the tempo of the fight against the menace of corruption. Nigeria is a nation endowed with both natural and human resources and is a major exporter of oil, but corruption has always been the bane of development in the most populous nation in Africa. When the natural and human resources of Nigeria are prudently harnessed, the result will be so tremendous that it will literally propel Africa to olympian height. 
                                                                                                                Some of the leaders in Africa have little or no vision and therefore lack the where-withal to transform the system. Including President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe the prime example of a corrupt African leader that have outlasted his usefulness and have now become an impediment to his country’s progress. "Robert Mugabe once was hailed as a symbol of the new Africa, but under his rule the health and well-being of his people have dropped dramatically, which is as much an abuse of human rights as arbitrary arrest and torture. According to the World Health Organization, Zimbabwe has the world’s shortest life expectancy—37 years for men and 34 for women. It also has the greatest percentage of orphans (about 25%, says UNICEF) and the worst annual inflation rate (1,281% as of last month). He last allowed an election in 2002 but "won" only after having his leading opponent arrested for treason."
                                                                                                                  They exploit the execution of white elephant projects as a bait to siphon money. This myopic inclination no doubt makes them shy away from the provision of basic amenities of life. Corruption is a clog on the wheel of development in any nation.

With all intents and purposes, Nigeria supposes to be making waves in technology empowerment and economic advancement but could not, because she is enmeshed in corruption. The money meant to develop her infrastructures is being siphoned to foreign lands. These foreign accomplices, who assist to commit this heinous crime, use the money to develop theirs, while Nigerians are left battered and stricken with diseases and poverty. Poverty grows geometrically; the middle class has virtually disappeared, the few rich that exert power get richer. Graduates roam the streets with no job at sight. The obvious trend however, is a harbinger of calamity, apathy and destruction. Democracy cannot comfortably foster on such incursion. Corruption has done much damage to Nigeria, It has eroded trust, fairness and justice in this great country. Without Nigeria as an affirmative agent of progress, Africa may be unimaginably stagnant. 
                                                                                                                     All the citizens especially the public servants and leadership must be made to shun corruption when they fully comprehend the ramification. It is a vice that must be aggressively fought and won by any right thinking government. Citizens must prove and demonstrate to themselves and to friends and even foes that as a people they have sincerely renounced corruption in all its facets. The battle against this evil must be thorough and steady.
                                                                                                         Families, schools and religious institutions must help to circumvent this parasite devouring our society. In primary and secondary institutions – social studies must emphasis the culturalization of probity and good mannerism in order to instill trust and restraint in one. Universities must introduce lectures on ethics that delineate good governance, self-discipline and patriotism. Courts must play a vital role in the fight against corruption by dispensing justice, with expedite and fair trials. 
                                                                                                                   The leaders must lead by example so that hard work will be encouraged and emulated as against preference to quick and ill-gotten wealth. Probity and accountability must be the cornerstone of our management and administration in modern day Nigeria.

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