Creating a successful credibility campaign for your company and products

Credibility in PR is defined as “the power to elicit the belief from the marketplace that your company, product or service is trustworthy and therefore the obvious one to do business with in a sea of confusing competitive choices.”

Competing in today’s markets and positioning your company properly in the minds of potential customers represents a real challenge. There are several competitors in a market with a highly professional look and image and also with a high level of credibility established .Being a new company or promoting a new brand of products in the consumer’s decision-making process is a critical process.

A well-timed public relations (PR) campaign can help you reach a dominant position on the market by offering to your potential clients exactly what they want to hear.  Marissa Verson Harrison, a well known PR expert, the co-founder and principal  of California-based InterActive Public Relations, agrees that "good strategic PR is an art.’It is about creating a strong social networking system, by taking in consideration the media, the customers and the connection between them. It’s about planning meetings, events and building a powerful image, with a unique content in order to reach your goals throw advertising.

The role of a well executed awareness campaign is to induce the real sense of quality in the subconscious of the prospective buyers and make them feel safe, satisfied due to your credibility.It must be used some subtle message on a frequent basis in order to create a positive image of the products, because people are mostly influenced by awareness and reputation of a particular company. Credibility means more than techniques, repetition, specs, systems, strategy or capitalization, it represents the shortest way to your potential clients.

There are several publicity-generating vehicles for budget-minded businesses that are likeable to bring you the expected results such as: creating a strong theme, identifying a media niche, establishing basic media relations to outrageous stunts, staging your own media event;

-Identifying a media niche and create a connection with the media in order to get their attention by using a personalized message, a ‘voice’ of your own, establishing your company presence, creating an awareness and building credibility. "Each media outlet has different story needs and a different audience".(Anthony Mora, president and CEO of Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. and author of "Alchemy of Success");

"An explosion of both new companies and new media is generating stiff competition in the marketplace of public awareness;It’s also creating a gold mine of opportunities to reach the audiences that matter to you."
"The beautiful part for entrepreneurs is that most everyone and every business has a story to tell, a distinctive voice than can make a space for itself amid the noise;(…)"As we enter the new millennium, good entrepreneurial media relations is primarily about identifying your story and determining who cares about it."
(Rob Roth, business-to-business communications specialist at BSMG Worldwide)

"The best way to get the industry’s attention is with a ‘first, biggest or best’ of a new product or service. If you are the second company to offer something, you are already at a disadvantage, but if you can show why yours is different than the rest, you are on your way to getting buzz.’
"Too many companies think they need to do ongoing promotions. They are wasting money. Promotions are important, but there needs to be something behind it
." (Silicon Valley-based interactive software developer Marimba)

-Creating strong connections with the media will help you reach  high levels of awareness."While the appearance of the kit can peak a reporter’s interest, the buzz a company is looking to create comes from the effort put behind the kit, from the development of the content to the follow-up discussions with reporters."
"The goal of distributing a kit is to generate a story, but also to provide a valuable resource. If you can demonstrate a perspective beyond your company and can tie in the relevance of your company to the broader business environment, you’ll become a valued resource,"
"If you respect their deadlines and are helpful, not pushy, you will build relationships,"
"A well-written news release serves as an outline of what the story is. If the release is written like a news story, and it actually has news in it, it is more likely to interest the reporter in doing a piece on it,"

The New York Times does not want to see that The Washington Post covered this story last month. The response you will receive is that the story has been covered." thinks Sherry Pudloski, a senior vice president at Ogilvy PR Worldwide (OPR).

-Creating a strong theme-In the marketing communications field, creativity is the key to succes.Your company campaign needs more than an empty message, it’s about creating interest in your company.It should be filled with creative media kits, themed press kits, by using technology in order to avoid some high expenses.A good promotion doesn’t necessary means to skimp on value.

-Staging Your Own Media Event throw Trade shows: "Send engraved invitations to the media that will be attending and have a special time set aside for them, then dazzle them while you are there."(Dave Lakhani, a small business owner and sales director for Idaho-based Cougar Mountain Software);

-Getting the Word Out by sending individualized mailings or releases to targeted reporters

Creating a successful credibility campaign for your company and products is the strongest key to succeed in business.

Branding your company and building credibility go hand in hand, a great way to promote is by taking advantage of promotional products, which will help your company in many areas including gaining credibility.