Creating Joy


Creating Joy

The feeling of joy helps us in our life in many ways.  It enables us to be  creative as new thoughts and inspirations come to us easily. It also helps us to forgive and accept people for who they are. Joy opens the way to feel other positive feelings such as gratitude and appreciation.  And it ignites within us the desire to be of service to other people.

One way to have more joy in our life is to choose joy as one of our life goals and take positive actions each day to create it.  Here is an exercise you can use daily to bring more joy into your life.

Joy Exercise

Each day, ask yourself this question: 

What can I do today to bring more joy into my

life and into the lives of other people?

Acting on the answers you receive each day creates a momentum of joy for you and for others.

Another way to create joy is to forgive yourself and other people.   Here is an exercise to assist you.

Forgiveness Exercise

This exercise is helpful when you would like to forgive yourself or another person in your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.     Who would I like to forgive?

2.     What would I like to forgive?

3.          3.   What can I do to understand myself (or another person) more deeply so that I can forgive?

(Work with this step until there is greater forgiveness.)

4.            4.  With more forgiveness, what new actions shall I take for myself or in relation to this person in my life?

A deeper understanding of yourself and/or another person often leads to greater forgiveness and this brings more joy.

As joy becomes more a part of your life, the desire to be of service to other people comes naturally.  You may have the desire to create a new career in which you can use your skills in a new way.  As you contribute to helping other people, the joy that you feel helps the world to become a better place.

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