Crossing The Line With God’s Will

This writing is going to be short but direct and to the point.

Our Heavenly Father God, our creator and our provider and our teacher, lovingly provides each of us with one very special gift, Free choice. We all have this gift and are free to apply it in our lives. We can choose right from wrong, good from evil, yes or no, listen or don’t listen, follow or don’t follow, believe or don’t believe, in each and every aspect of our life, in everything that goes on or happens in our life including whether or not we believe and accept God and Jesus. We are free to choose.

We can question God about anthing we so choose to, and He won’t get angry or upset, as a matter of fact, He is happy that we have questions, for he knows, that the more we question about Him and His ways, the more closer we will become as we learn of Him, and the more intimate our relationship together becomes.

But! One has to realize that there is one thing one very special thing that God draws a line at, one thing that God says must be His Will and His Will alone and only He controls it. God draws a line in the sand and says "Thus Far and no Farther!"

We can witness God’s total control over this one aspect of life if we look back at the story of "JOB" God invited Lucifer to challenge and test Job’s faithfulness in God, Lucifer was permitted to test Job to the point of death but Lucifer was not permitted to kill Job thus claiming his immortal soul. This God would not permit.

What is this one thing that belongs as only God’s Will you ask?

The answer is obvious. The answer is Death. We can choose anything and everything in our lives from the moment we are conceived, but we cannot choose the day or time that we die. This is reserved for God and only God. I know I know what you are going to say, I anticipated the questions. What about suicide? What about Abortion? God does not condone these acts but he has the final say.

Even in these choices, God plays out his hand as the controller of life or death, and I am living proof of this fact. How can I offer proof of this you might ask?

My Proof:

About 16 years ago, I was going through some very rough times in my life and in my marriage. I was depressed beyond belief. This one Saturday things became so bad that I decided to kill myself. We all know that water and electricity don’t exactly get along together and we know how dangerous they can be when combined.

I plugged in my trusty hair drier then filled up the bathtub with water. I climbed in, sat back and relaxed. I then reached over and grabbed the hair drier and turned it on. I figured I’d electrocute myself and that would be the end of my problems. I said a little prayer telling God how miserable I was and what I was planning to do, and I remember saying to God that I wanted to die, so let it be His will that I do. I seemed to know in the back of my mind, that He and He alone controlled death and death is what I sought.

I lowered the hair dryer into the water as I sat there. Nothing happened just a slight tingling sensation and then after about 15 20 seconds, it shut off. I raised it out of the water, shook it a little and started it again. This time I lowered it directly at my heart. Again I felt a tingling sensation and after 20 seconds or so, it shut off. 10 times I restarted this stupid hair dryer submerged it into the water, 10 times tingling and nothing more.

Then I heard a little whisper in my mind saying "It ain’t going to happen, not this way, not this day, not this time, only God says when." This is the truth. I have no reason to lie about something like this. Had I been successful back 16 years ago, I would not be relating this story to you now.

Since that sad day, I have managed to climb out of the depths of despair with the help of my brother Holy Spirit, and I have completely turned my life around serving Almighty God as He Wills on a daily basis, which includes singing for God in two choirs as well as my evangelizing both in person and through my writings.

Death is the one and only decision in our lives that God maintains complete control over, it is His will and His Will alone, whether we live or die, and where when and how. This is the one aspect of life all life that is His Will, and His Choice and we have absolutely no choices.