Current situation in Pakistan


 Election 2008 in Pakistan and prior to it, reelection of President and Chief of the Army Staff General Parvez Musharaf of Pakistan through electoral college which consists upon members of both houses of parliament and Provincial Assembly members of all the provincial assemblies, are the focus of Pakistani media currently, war on terror and recent visits of US Officials are also highlighted by media, terrorists in tribal areas of Pakistan are also getting good deal of coverage in Pakistani media, government owned electronic media has become considerably free as compare to fascist  regimes of Mrs. Bhutto and Mr. Nawaz Sharif,  numerous private TV channels are active in Pakistan, and enjoying complete freedom,  “some pseudo intellectuals from these private TV channels are airing baseless propaganda against President and Prime Minister, and USA though President has paved the way for their creation but they are unwilling to present government point of view,”  an ex army men has said, news paper industry is also growing and enjoying considerable amount of press freedom,  factual position is that in communication sector present government has done miracles, newly built tunnel, airports, roads, bridges, overhead bridges, are visible and can be seen by any impartial observer as achievement of the existing rulers, in a war against terror considerable achievements are made hundreds of Alqaida members are caught and extradited to USA, according to figures issued by government foreign exchange reserves are higher then ever before,"during Nawaz Sharif era foreign currency accounts in Pakistani banks were frozen by the government, young students in Canada were in difficult situation, they were unable to pay their fees and were insulted because their parents were unable to send any money for them,"Mr. Waheed Khan dual national of Canad and Pakistan has said,  in education and health sector considerable achievements are visible new universities, colleges and schools both in government and private sector are built, measures taken by government concerning poverty alleviation are also quite visible, in field of oil and gas exploration tremendous achievements are made, salaries of government employees are increased in private sector educational institutions of good standard employees are getting high salaries, both industrial and agricultural sectors are showing signs of development and growth. All this growth has been achieved within shortest span of eight years of President Parvez Musharaf; all the sane minds in Pakistan are expecting reelection of President, Prime Minister and his party, again.

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Abdur Raziq