Cybrabad blast – Its Afzal this time! – Kai Po Che!

Its Cybrabad blast and not Hyderabad, as some of our so called national media is going gung-ho describing the twin blasts that rocked Andhra Pradesh on Thursday evening, February 21, 2013.

Now the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secundrabad have become threesome with Cybrabad that is in Raga Reddy district adjoining Hyderabad.

The ignorance of our national media is profound in this case. If similar blast had have happened in Gurgoan or Noida, can the same media have called it a Delhi blast?

Leave that alone and come to second point, the perpetrators of the crime is already been found. The media is asking the investigative agencies not to waste time. They have gone through the motion of ‘Eureka’ and have discovered the whereabouts of the culprit.  

Many TV channels are blaming the blast on Afzal Guru and believe me it could be true.  The general hypothesis is its retaliation to Afzal Guru’s hanging.

One wise friend of mine went on to say that Guru had taken the remote device with him and has detonated it from wherever he is now!
Another one added some spice, saying, some of our security agency guys are planning to visit Guru, but not sure which route to take, obviously not the gallows route, as it’s meant for the angles, and they are no saints. 

However way they may go, the goal is to get the remote from the dreaded terrorist to avoid further damage.

Another wise from the same pack spun another story saying, our Home Minister has sought help of the top  South Indian hero, whose latest movie has created a buzz on the same subjected and requested him to do all his heroics to get the remote from which the blast was triggered.

Whatever one may say, the development surrounding the twin blast at Cybrabad is taking place at a frantic pace. There is sizable number of casualties and each mouth has a story to tell. It’s left to the individual to believe or scoff it off.  

I remember reading a write up on Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid blast some time back. It blamed HUJI of Bangladesh for triggering the blast through some remote devise from that country.

The reportage gave a convincing description how terror attack could be executed from such a far of places. At that time I doubted about the veracity of such report and wondered how it was allowed to be published. I guess the masses had accepted it what was told to them and that was the end of the story.

After many years the facts have changed about that blast and now that story looks to be a bundle of lies. I realize now that it was meant for soothing the nerves at that time.

So if we go by the then logic of HUJI being the perpetrators of the Mecca Masjid crime, then the latest Cyberabad blasts can well be blamed on Afzal Guru to sooth the same nerves.

If HUJI story could be peddled by the media so convincingly at that time, why can’t Afzal’s boggy is drummed up this time to give quick fix answers

Well everyone has the right to kite fly ideas, so to me it’s Afzal this time. Are you joking, no I am serious!  -Kai Po Che!

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a Journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at