Debate Performance & ‘Elitist’ Label Puts Obama In Some Political Pain

In only a few days before the April 22 Democratic primaries are set to take place in Pennsylvania, things seem to not look good for Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. It seems that Obama is taking a hurting from his performance during the Democratic debate on ABC a few nights ago, on the same day that marks the anniversary of the VT massacre.

In addition, there are other factors. Recently, Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Hillary Clinton of New York and presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona had attacked Obama for being an “elitist.” The elitist brand was brought forth by Clinton. However, Dr. Drew Westen, the author of “The Political Brain” said that the label will not stick with Obama very well let alone very long.

In a new Gallop poll, Clinton has a slight lead over Obama. But the marginal lead is decreasing for Clinton. It is unknown how much let alone how long the damage will be in the case of Obama.

Recently, McCain said that Obama was patriotic. However, McCain brought up Obama’s ties with William Ayers, one of the founders of the leftist radical group known as the Weather Underground. The group has been known for conducting acts of violence.

While Obama has taken some political pain, it is unknown how long it will last. However, Obama has a marginal lead over Clinton in both delegates and superdelegates. Eventually, it may be in the hands of the superdelegates on who gets the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Recently, DNC Chairman Howard Dean has demanded that the undecided superdelegates quickly pick a candidate they are going to stand with.

Ultimately, it will be up to the voters to decide on April 22.