Deputy Commissioner Chitral hailed NGO role in uplifting

 NGO play vital role in development of Chitral DC Rahmatullah Wazir.

By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Non Government Organizations (NGOs) play vital role in development of Chitral said Deputy Commissioner Chitral Rahmatullah Wazir during briefing at Hasho foundation. He said that Chitral is big district of KPK by virtue of land which is one fifth of our province. It is not only difficult but sometimes impossible to overcome all problems of entire district being very scattered. Hence volunteers of civil societies  reach every corner of Chitral and render meritorious services in health, education, household enterprises and infrastructure as well as in several developmental sectors.  Sultan Mahmood RPM Hashoo Foundation briefed DC Chitral. He said 383 professional staff were hired in Pakistan by  this organization. HF work in 3 sectors like Economic development, Education & Skill and social welfare and emergency. Honey bee keeping and marble shining are main project of HF and best way to boost women folk and youth of Chitral. We also provide kids and equipments to women folk after basic training in honey bee keeping to enable them for gaining their livelihood at their home. Raw honey is collecting and packing at Islamabad for sale. 339 women were trained in this sector. 72 youths were trained in marble shine 2110 individuals were trained in vocational and professional sector, 387 students were provided boarding facility.  200 youth were supported in full time employment he added.

137 students were helped in child education  support program and we pay salary to 21 teachers for this purposes Sultan proclaimed. 658 students were supported in English language courses. 1003 youth were trained  in information communication technology 132 students helped in camping. 703 students guided in academic career counseling and 170 youth in entrepreneurship to enable them for gaining livelihood and to join key posts in employment.  He said that 58085 youth were trained in safer tomorrow similarly 499 students were boarded in youth development center as every year 60 students are keeping there. He said that we also support culturally and language promoting events. Deputy Commissioner hailed services of HF and stressed upon them to boost their activities in sustainable and long term  development of     Chitral.

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