Diabetes control prevents heart attack in young:Dr Jitendra

Jammu, December 24 (Scoop News) –  While delivering a Guest Lecture at a Diabetes Update (CME) programme for physicians, Diabetologists and M.D. scholars here today, renowned Diabetologist,National Professor of Diabetes and Chairman National Scientific Committee(RSSDI) Dr Jitendra Singh said that a fact often not realized is that most of the heart attacks occurring at young age these days are taking place in individuals having diabetes and these can be prevented through strict control of blood sugar levels. Another irony is that many a time ,it is only after a heart attack that a youngster comes to know that he was having diabetes which was undetected ,he added. 

  The lecture-session was jointly chaired by former Principal, GMC Jammu, Dr Rajinder Singh and former HoD Cardiology GMC , Dr Mohan Lal.

  Dr Jitendra Singh said that the current management approach in Diabetes is to prevent adverse effect of diabetes on heart,kidneys,eyes,etc and to achieve this what is mandatory is a strict tight control of Blood Sugar. He said the focus is on target based treatment and in order to achieve this objective,the treating clinicians ought to keep themselves well-informed and updated to use not only one drug but a combination of drugs.This approach helps in two ways,(a)it ensures a better Blood Sugar control and(b) it prolongs the efficacy of each of the drugs used without exhausting the pancreatic beta cells which secrete insulin in human body.

  Dr Jitendra Singh made a vivid power-point presentation to highlight the merits of some of the anti-diabetic drugs available for strict Blood Sugar control and also explained the advantage of using these drugs in combination.He particularly focused on the properties of a new drug "Sexagliptin" and dwelled at length on the utility of using this drug in combination with another time-tested drug called "Metformin".

  The medicinal treatment of diabetes with drugs,however,needs to be supplemented with non-medicinal measures including weight control,regular physical exercise and diet regulation said Dr Jitendra Singh and suggested that anti-diabetic drugs should be used as adjuvants to natural methods instead of being used as first line of treatment.

  Dr Mohan Lal explained the close link between Diabetes and heart disease.He said diabetes is the most important risk factor for heart disease.

  Dr Rajinder Singh referred to the problems confronted in managing tuberculosis in a patient with Diabetes.