Diversity in India

 We live in a country in which people of different abilities, languages, cultures, etc. live together. Such diversity makes life richer and varied. There are 28 states in India, each with its own language, culture, food, etc. even within one state we can see people speaking many different languages, following different religions, eating different kinds of food, observing different kinds of festivals, and wearing different kinds of dresses. The interesting thing is that slowly people adopt each other’s’ dresses, food, festivals, language and even religious ideas. This makes everyone’s life richer and more diverse. You could probably give many examples of this from your own neighborhood.


How does diversity come out?

People of all times went about in search of new lands and settled at new places. Sometimes they went to trade; sometimes they left their homes due to floods or drought or epidemics; some others traveled because of wars and conflicts. They brought their languages, religions, and cultures to the new place and tried to follow them in the new place also. Gradually they mixed with the people of those areas, adopted many of their things and also taught many of their own things to them. In the following section we will see how the life of people in different places evolves with diversity.