Dixville Notch First State to Vote and Ties the Race

Traditionally, Dixville Notch is a town in New Hampshire that votes immediately at midnight on Election day.  All 10 residents of the town gather at a common polling location and choose the president with a paper ballot. 

For the first time in history, the Dixville Notch vote was split between the residents.  Five of the residents voted for Mitt Romney, While the other 5 voted for Barack Obama. 

Given that small town America is an important part of any presidential campaign, the Dixville Notch result could be indicative of what happens in the country as a whole. 

The polls indicate that the country is evenly divided between the two candidates.  Mitt Romney and Obama both have 50% of the popular vote.

A tie would be a political mess.  A runoff election would ultimately be necessary to determine the winner.  Hopefully, the winner will be clear. 

As of now, there isn’t much clarity as to who will win the election on Tuesday November 6!