DIY Handicraft: How to Make Bamboo Flowers

Bamboo is an evergreen plant in the grass family that is indigenous to the East Asian region.  It is also found in the Americas, from the southeast of the U.S.A. south to Chile.

Bamboo flowers are just one kind of the many articles that can be made out of bamboo.  The skill developed in doing the different steps is not only manipulative, but it also hones your skills in using different kinds of handicraft tools.  More importantly, you develop your creativity and artistic ability as well as values like resourcefulness, patience, and orderliness.

To make bamboo flowers, you need the following materials:

- 1 bamboo pole, 30 to 40 centimeters long;
- 1 bottle glue; and
- 1 piece vase.

For the tools, you need:

- a bolo;
- a saw;
- a knife; and
- a brad awl.

Here are the steps:

1) Look for bamboo splints 30 to 40 centimeters long.  Remove the outer portion on the side of the epidermis.  Use a knife to remove the outer portion.

2) Prepare a round bamboo splint to a diameter of 6 millimeters.

3) Bore a pilot hole 4 millimeters deep at the center of one end of the bamboo dowel.  Use a brad awl.

4) Taper the end of the bamboo dowel where the pilot hole is.

5) Measure and mark off 6 centimeters from the tapered end.

6) Cut the petals starting from the 5 centimeter-mark.

7) Every time a petal is cut, turn the dowel counterclockwise.

8) Repeat step 7 until all of the bamboo dowels are cut into petals.

9) After cutting the petals, remove the pointed end of the bamboo by cutting.

10) Repeat steps 3 to 9 until the needed number of flowers are made.

11) Now prepare the stems.  Use the outer portion of the bamboo splint in step 1 which tapers at the end.

12) Bend the stem slightly.

13) Apply white glue on the pointed end of the stem and insert the pilot hole of the bamboo.

14) Arrange the bamboo flowers in a ceramic or bamboo flower vase.

15) Evaluate your finished work by asking yourself these questions:

- Are the petals artistically shaped?

- Are the parts well-glued together?

- Are the flowers arranged on the vase following the principles of flower arrangement?

- Does the finished project have a pleasing appearance?

Artificial flowers, such as African daisies, can be made from bamboo splits.  Bamboo flowers can serve as table decors and are marketable, too.