Do you think Dietary Treatments is good for Dry skin

Since dry skin is caused due to vata or pitta vitiation, the diet should be designed to reduce these vitiations. Vata is the air element; while pitta is the fire element. The following guidelines must be followed.



1. Cook your food in a little fat, suitably ghee. The food must not be totally dry.


2. If the dry skin is a result of vata vitiation (dry skin in cold weather), then eat foods that are heavy on the stomach. But do not use much spices.


3. If the dry skin is a result of pitta vitiation (dry skin in hot weather), then eat light foods that are easy to digest. Use more fibers in the diet.


4. Sweet foods are good for both vitiations.


5. Eat lots of fruits. Consume more of the sweet foods to build up the starch content in the skin.


6. The best condiments and spices to be used in the diet are cumin, coriander and turmeric. These soothe the skin.


7. Water is the most important part of the diet for correcting dry skin. About 7 to 8 glasses of water must be consumed in a day. But the water should be at room temperature. Cold water will aggravate the vata further.


8. Avoid alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages since they can make the skin drier.