Does God Communicate With Humans


Thank you God’s Holy Spirit, AND Apostle Jack, for inspiring this writing.

As Christians, we have been told and we believe that Almighty God, through His Holy Spirit lives within us and this is true, as you are about to see. He has always and will always be there within us and working within us, not just Christians though, but all of God’s people, Christian or otherwise.

The only difference being, that in a Christian Believer, Holy Spirit has to work a little bit harder to keep us on the straight and narrow path. You’ll see what I’m getting at shortly.

Many times I’ve been asked by others, do you communicate with God and when you do, does He communicate back with you. My answer is an emphatic YES! Yes I communicate with Him through prayer, AND yes he definitely communicates back.

It is only right that I give credit where credit is due. I happened to be online with a friend who posed a question to me.

His Question: Scientists refer to the brain as the origin of communication, but the intellect of our spirit is what produces thoughts and ideas, which is communicated then to the brain and other body parts. What can you say to this?

My response to Apostle Jack, was to agree with what he was saying, but to point out that in actuality it was Almighty God, through His Holy Spirit, that the communication originates.

Unless we actually have sat down and thought about it, rather unless God has actually drawn it to our attention, like He has in my case, we as humans, we as Christians, never even consider that everything going on inside our body is being controlled, by God communicating through His Holy spirit, to our spirit.

We sort of overlook this aspect of our humanness, and our Christianity totally. The only time we might give a tiny thought to it is if we are in pain or we have been emotionally hurt by another.

Faster than light travels is the speed of God’s thoughts through His Holy Spirit, and in many cases they are repetative in nature, even though we might wonder just why God would have to repeat something over and over, but let’s take a look.

It’s morning and we awaken from our night’s sleep. Holy Spirit tells our spirit, tell the brain to awaken, open the eyes. Another command, make sure the heart is pumping and not just pumping, but at the proper speed or pace. Then our spirit speaks to our brain with the same commands, and then our brain sends a signal to our eyes or our heart.

A thousand and one different commands are going on within us, in split second timing and split second precision.

Our eyes open and focus, our senses, become more responsive, our pulse rate and blood pressure pick up tempo just a little, as they were slowed down to allow our body to sleep during the night.

Our arms, our hands, our legs, our feet begin to respond to, to whatever instructions Holy spirit instructs our spirit for. Our other internal organs begin to perform more actively too as we awaken, and all within a split second.

God through His Holy spirit is controlling every aspect of our lives, from our heart rate, our body temperature, down to our warning system such as when we experience a pain, or a muscle cramp, a toothache, or maybe as a woman, feel a baby kicking, or morning sickness, each and every automatic response by organs and nerves is being controlled by God through His Holy spirit to our spirit, to our brain to our nerves, and organs.

If we see something happen and it makes us happy or it makes us sad, if someone says something that upsets us and we start to cry or says something that is funny and we begin to laugh, it’s God’s Holy Spirit communicating with our spirit, informing us as to what is happening and how we should respond to each and every situation in our life.

Our temperature 98.6 degrees F., our pulse rates, our blood pressure, our insulin levels, our 5 senses, our muscles, our inner organs, our nerves, are all under the contol of Almighty God, through His Holy Spirit, and our spirit, but for the most part, we don’t even give this any consideration, we expect it taking it all for granted, and taking God for granted.

Each and every thing that goes on with our body from our thinking to our motor responses, to our emotions to our sleeping, is originated from God through His Holy Spirit to our spirit to our mind to our emotions to our organs and on and on and on.