Does Sarawak Need PPP?

 Daro, Malaysia:


First, Datuk Kayveas lashed out at certain politicians in Sarawak who gave negative comments about PPP’s intended entry into the state.

The negative comments came after it was leaked out that the People’s Progressive Party also known as PPP was serious about branching out to the eastern state. However, according to Datuk Kayveas the decision was only taken after certain quarters approached the leaders of the party in Kuala Lumpur.


PPP is a component of the ruling coalition, the National Front or BN. It was practically wiped out in the 12th General Election of March 2008. Even the President of the party who is none other than Datuk Kayveas himself was also defeated by an unknown candidate from the PKR.


The PPP is also in the middle of a leadership crisis. Datuk Kayveas is declared the President by the high Court late last year. The other faction and competing for the same seat is Senator M. Murugiah, who is the Assistant Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. Murugiah put his case to the Arbitrators office and was subsequently declared the rightful President.


One can understand as to why politicians in Sarawak are skeptical about PPP’s move. Here is a political party without a seat and attempting to spread its torn wings. Why bother to come to a state that is well-managed and well-governed? Sarawak is already a goldmine for BN. Does it need a weakling like PPP?