Dog Rescued Just in Time Makes Remarkable Recovery, Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty

 Dog Rescued Just in Time Makes Remarkable Recovery

Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty


On Saturday, February 23rd, the Guardians of Rescue responded to a call in Coram, NY. The scene they found was horrific: a Cane Corso named “Queenie” was discovered locked in a room in an overheated apartment, emaciating and starving. It is estimated that she was left alone for three weeks without any care, food or water.


Indications show that the owner left Queenie intentionally to spite his ex-wife, who came home and found the dog fading away, only days from death. The Suffolk County SPCA have charged Queenie’s owner with animal cruelty.


“She laid alone, just dying,” said President and founder of Guardians of Rescue, Robert Misseri. “Literally, her body was just wasting away and she has had to fight for her life.”


Queenie was taken to the Grady Animal Hospital in Sayville for treatment.  “She was severely emaciated, basically a skeleton, and couldn’t even walk when she came in,” Dr. Mark Caporaso said, “She’s made a remarkable recovery.”


Queenie is enjoying eating, playing and walks and has gained 23 pounds since she was first admitted. She is being released from Grady Animal Hospital this Thursday, March 7th, to go to her new home with a rescuer from Guardians of Rescue.


To follow Queenie’s progress, please go to the Guardians of Rescue Facebook page or to donate, visit