Donning The Holy Armor Of Jesus

EPHESIANS: 6: 13-18

As christians, followers of Jesus Christ, we daily enter into battle, albeit a spiritual battle for our spiritual lives. Though the enemy can and does attack our physical humanity, it is our spirit, the enemy seeks out and desires to destroy and kill.

By attacking us constantly, physically, or mentally, or psycologically, by bringing troubles and disasters, and hardships into our lives, or the lives of those that surround us, the enemy satan hopes to cause a defect in our protection permitting him the opportunity to destroy our faith in God and in Jesus, hoping to claim another victory for his evilness.?

Our heavenly Father, Almighty God, knowing this, has provided us with the very best of heavenly Godly protection to guard us from any attack that the enemy might deliver our way. All we need do is to put on this protection daily, and we will be able to stand invinsible against any attack.

How many know about the Holy Armour of Almighty God?

First we must girth our loins, girthing them with the "Truth" We guard our loins with God’s truth, because the truth is our best protection against the enemies main weapon lies. Also if we stop to think for a moment, it is through our loins that we are vulnerable, for through our loins we break God’s 6th and 9th Commandments.

Our hearts we must protect with the "Breastplate of Righteousness" God’s morality and righteousness as laid out through God’s "Ten Commandments" sets us apart from the unrighteous lawlessness of the world in which we live.

Our feet should shod with the preparation of the "Gospel of Peace" It is our feet clad in the Holy Gospel of our salvation through Jesus crucifixion and resurrection and the peace of knowing that we are saved and sealed in the blood of the lamb that will help us to stand firm against the enemy no matter what he tries.

We should take up the Shield of "Faith" this shield will guard us from satan’s lies. Our faith in our knowledge of our salvation and justification is a powerful defence, one that the enemy cannot penetrate.

And lastly we should don the "Helmet of Salvation", and take up the "Sword of the Spirit" The Holy Word of God. The Helmet of Salvation shines as a beacon for all of the enemy to know, that this person is a member in the armies of Jesus and that we cling to and hold fast to the Sword of God as our weapon of defence, the Holy Word of God Almighty.

To complete our daily stand against satan and his followers we should pray constantly with prayers and supplication in the spirit of God and be forever vigilant to the enemy’s attacks.