Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal’s pro-Kashmir approach highlighted



           Srinagar, August 19 (Vijay Kumar) –Director, J&K information Department and Commissioner, Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Khwaja   Farooq Ahmad Renzu said that Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal’s Kashmiri roots make every Kashmiri proud.  Kashmir is the birth land of great Scholars, Poets and Saints, he added

Thousands of scholars, writers, distinguished personalities and students  on Iqbal Day function assembled at sprawling  lawns of Iqbal Mission High School, Brein  where students  and scholars  highlighted  on the contributions of Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal. 

            On this occasion Khwaja   Farooq Ahmad Renzu was the chief guest. While speaking on the occasion Farooq Ahmad Renzu said that we as a society should be ready for new revolution which would be Revolution of Love, so that we are able to revive old culture based on mutual love, brotherhood and secular ethos.  He said that Dr. Iqbal was more inclined towards human approach of life and through his poetry and literary works he ridiculed Amritsar treaty by which even human beings were traded along with pastures. 

             Mr. Renzu said   that approach of Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal was for mutual brotherhood when he praises his country Hindustan greater than all other countries of the world.  This approach of Dr. Iqbal is a clear indication of the fact that he was dedicated for all people living as one unity, irrespective of cast, creed and religion.  Allama ‘s  concept and approach is based on his revolutionary approach of love and mutual brotherhood, he added. 

            Poetry of Dr. Iqbal , the  Commissioner said, gives inspiration among all of us to evolve sense of confidence and self respect.  He makes human soul to fly on the horizons of greatness where it is able to determine its fate.

            On this occasion songs of Dr. Iqbal were presented by the students and light was thrown on his teachings and philosophy.

The  function was attended among others by Chairman of the school,. Ab. Qyoom, Principal, Mrs. Taslima, General Secretary,  Mohd. Ismail, Imam Mohd. Ameen, Senior Scientist, SKUAST, Dr. Kadoos Jan, District Agriculture Officer, Showkat Shehari, Ex- Chief Engineer, Irrigation, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Shah.