Though Calcutta is famous for Durga Puja celebrations, but very few people know that Cuttack, Orissa is unique in Durga Puja celebration. When Calcutta is no 1 for its Pandals, Cuttack is undoubtly  no 1 and  famous for its unique Processions, Beautiful Idols and most importantly silver made background behind the Durga idol which is called “MEDHA”(background motif). In India you will not find such beautiful medha crafted with pure silver(chandi). Out of  total 145 idols 10 medhas are made with complete silver and all Durga Maa’s ornaments are made of Silver with world class designs. Durga Puja celebrated from Sasthi to Dasami, besides Temporary pandals, there are   Permanent Durga temples in which different “avatars” are made during Navratri, like Saraswati, Laxmi, Bagalamukhi, Jagadamba etc. Everyday, lakhs of people enjoy puja in different bazaars/markets. In cuttack every Puja committee try to defeat others bringing different styles in light gates and decoration. After Dasami, comes the greatest celebration of immersion, deities are taken in processions, each procession comprising of bands, horse dance, melody which is about 500m. You can imagine all 145 processions, how long..,almost the entire city is crowded with floods of people, police forces, grayhound jawans.  Procession starts at early morning and ends next day morning. Immersion takes place at Kathajodi River for which, special arrangements are made like special roads and lighting arrangements..


I’m posting some of pictures.Though I have so many  photographs ,but unable to post due to uploading problem.

Following photograph is from my locality chauliaganj. It is the no 1 idol in cuttack for its beautiful crafted silver background Motif and beautiful deity’s face with real golden crown.