Earthquake shakes Northern Japan

Per Yahoo! Japan, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake shook Northern Japan at 12:30 p.m. local time on Friday.  The epicenter was in Tokachi-oki and the quake was felt strongly in nearby Hokkaido and Sapporo, Japan. Per the map provided by Yahoo, it does not appear Tokyo felt the quake.

@Kuma provided the first tweet on the quake. It was soon followed by these tweets from the affected area:

  1. Kuma
    Kuma (Sapporo, Japan) earthquake
  2. キリン魚
    kirinfish (Sapporo, Japan) earthquake
  3. Sarah
    tdes (Hokkaido, Japan) Earthquake in Hokkaido! Just a bit of shaking … I’m still alive.
  4. Sarah Joy Albrecht
    mrsalbrecht (Goshogawara, Japan) Little earthquake in Aomori prefecture. Neat.
    ichinald (Japan) 結構揺れたんですね、北海道方面。みなさん大丈夫かな? (I shook me, towards Hokkaido. Is it safe to you?)
  6. hakujin
    hakujin (Aomori, Japan) I felt it here! RT @mrsalbrechtRT @ActionCentral 6.4-MAG EARTHQUAKE STRIKES HOKKAIDO, JAPAN, SAYS @USGS




that there

was “No problems in Sapporo.. just some minor rumbling.”  @nobonne of Sapporo reported feeling “dizzy” after the quake.