The word “educate” is derived from the Latin word “educo,” meaning to educe, to bring out, to draw out, and to develop from within. “The educated man is the man who has learned how to get everything he needs without violating the right of his fellow men. Education comes from within, you get it by struggle and effort and thought” – Napoleon Hill.


Education gives knowledge and develops skills, it makes every man and woman to stand up for him or herself and find the way for the good of the society. It is widely said that one can only force his horse to the river; you cannot force the horse to drink the water. But if you can find a way of explaining to the horse that he will be going to a long distance journey and there is no water on the road, he would gladly drink the water. Such is our case in Nigeria; we are like the stubborn horse. The government and the University teachers are the two elephants fighters. While the students, our future, are the grasses that suffer most. Education in Nigeria has been injured as a result of nonchalant attitudes by our leaders.


Though Nigeria is seen as one of the fastest developing countries in the world. In the last few years, the country has become more industrialized and has produced some of the best brains in the world, in the field of Medicine, Engineering and other aspects of Education. However, the number of those that have excelled so far is quite small compared to the larger population that is still uneducated and ignorant. This is why it is still widely argued that Nigeria is an under developed country, the evidence of which is clearly seen in our environment. The following are constituent elements and characteristics of underdeveloped nations, which are still common in Nigeria: -


1.                  Illiteracy;

2.                  Ignorance;

3.                  Disease;

4.                  Superstition;

5.                  Dependency on subsistence agriculture, and excessive underemployment of the rural population;

6.                  Deficiency in techniques, organization and capital.

The problem of illiteracy, number one on the list, if fully solved can wipe out the remaining five problems. You will agree with me that the level of illiteracy is still high in Nigeria compared to countries in the Western world and to acquire knowledge through education is the only means of reducing the level of the country’s illiteracy. The full development of man’s mind consists in good and sound education up to the limit of each person’s absorptive capacity. All men have innate talents and the talents can be developed through education. Education is an instrument of change. It is an instrument for achieving Social, Political, Economic and Moral standards in a society. Education kills the blight of disease, ignorance, superstition and poverty.


It is incontestable that education is the most reliable way to freedom from metal enslavement. A man whose personality is fully developed will never fear anything. He cringes not and never feels inferior to anyone, no matter the colour, stature or strength of such a one, he is self reliant, and will resist any form of enslavement until the last breath in him is exhausted, the more of educated in our midst, the better for the society.


Let us remember the words of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, a man of awesome legacy who was able to achieve many things because of his solid educational background coupled with self discipline and determination. Late Chief Awolowo emphasized the fact that education is that process of physical and mental culture where by a man’s personality is develop to the fullest. It is high time that the Nigeria government should know that education is for human progress. The strike action by University lecturers is now over three months. The students are at home doing nothing, and the government is comfortable with it. Can this happen in America or England? Certainly not. Because they understand and value education. I am sure they will do all things to make sure that there is no set back in their educational system. I therefore use this forum to appeal to the new president to emulate them. He should make sure that education in Nigeria is up on its feet. Enough is enough.