Election: Too close to call?


After the first results came in, it became clear that this was going to be a long night "It’s still very close and we have no informations about any advantage for either candidate," an Expert said. " We’re now waiting for the final results to come in, but one thing is for sure. It’s gonna be a long night," he continued. Not a big surprise, the final polls before the election showed a deadheat in many swing states throughout the country. The night is still early and we’re already seeing… Well, not so much. Florida is a tie, Virginia is a tie and Ohio is. Governor Romney has already won the two states of Kentucky and Indiana while President Obama won Vermont. 


We’re now waiting for the next results from the battleground states, that will give us the first indication, how this election will turn out. "It all comes down to the swing states", Gerry Webb (Independent Voter) said. "This might be the closest election in American History," he continued.