Electric Car Charged in 20 Minutes Runs at 87 mph

Mitsubishi is producing 200 units of electric cars in the United Kingdom that can run 87 mph from a 20-minute charging time.

The electric cars which can seat four passengers comfortably will not be sold to the public but will instead be leased for 750 pounds per month. Mitsubishi said that the car can travel 10,000 miles on 45 pounds worth of electricity based on current domestic UK price.

Guardian.uk: ‘Slightly bigger than the Smart For Two but with similar design, the i-MIEV- which goes on sale in the UK later this year-is based on the I, Mitsubishi’s existing city car. With room for four adults, it has top speed of 87 mph and produces the equivalent of 57 horse power. Its lithium-ion battery has a range of 100 miles and can be charged from flat to 80% in 20 minutes using Mitsubishi’s bespoke high-powered charger, otherwise, a normal mains electricity socket will charge the battery from flat to full in six hours. Mitsubishi estimates that the car can travel 10,000 miles on 45 pounds of electricity at current UK prices’.

‘Jim Tyrell, Managing Director of Mitsubishi, said: ‘The i-MiEV is a great example of Mitsubishi’s ability to innovate and bring the latest technology to market. We have a city car to suit real world users with its ease of use, great environmental credentials and very low running cost’.

‘Kieren Puffett, editor of car website Parkers co.uk who took the i-MiEV for a test drive today, said the car was ideal for urban areas. ‘Through the town, the car was particularly torquey; it can get away from traffic lights and across roundabouts really quickly. That’s quite a nice benefit for town driving’.

He added: ‘Because it’s based on an existing city car, the characteristics are fairly familiar. If someone got in, I don’t think they’d notice anything massively adrift’.

The report did not say how much the new electric car would cost. It would not be sold outright but will be available first on a monthly lease basis.

The introduction of the new electric car is a welcome development for environmentalists as the new electric car is pollution free and environment-friendly.