Embrace the Truth of Who You Are

  The news media promotes little information that is constructive and hopeful.  If you are searching for positive, inspirational information, many people who channel from spiritual sources have come into notice on the internet.  This knowledge brings a brighter view into the dreary news easily available on television.  Those searching for genuine reports about the state of affairs are often spiritual people who think outside the box.   

 A recent channeling by Rev. Marilyn Redmond brought more hope into our troubled world.  The message from December 15, 2012, “Channeling from Higher Realms” is now available on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/user/puyallup98372.  It expresses hope for the coming age. Jesus brought the message to claim your Christ Consciousness at this special moment in time.

 This New Year takes on a new meaning as we enter a new period of human consciousness.  He shared that with 12-21-12 life has changed.  Centuries of religious teachings that led us to believe, we were powerless, unworthy, and not deserving of our innate abilities will change. Jesus encourages you to join him and embrace fully your Christ Consciousness. Christmas can be every day, as the Christ Consciousness is born in you at your birth. Old doctrines will leave that promoted the ideas of not being a worthy and unique spiritual being.  You will gradually begin to see each day through the "Eyes of love", the Christ Consciousness.

 Additional light is now shining on earth that sustains our moving into a love-based life of peace, joy, prosperity and abundance. More light is revitalizing our planet, than before. This evolution into a higher consciousness of ecstasy and bliss is your birthright. Peace on Earth is occurring through each person’s spiritual growth into unconditional love.

 As you continue enjoying this message, there is an exercise by Archangel Ariel, which she calls playing "Let’s Make a Deal.  It provides the opportunity for you to release your burdens of the past and future worries by selecting doors.  Then she offers you to select the remaining door for living in the moment where joyfulness, happiness and a loving environment is present. It is the door to claim your gifts of your birthright of living in the presence of love. 

 The affirmations discussed in the channeling are below for your use in assisting moving into Christ Consciousness. Marilyn also writes, counsels, and speaks on spiritual growth. More information is available at www.angelicasgifts.com.


By Marilyn Redmond


It is okay to be one with God! 

It’s okay to feel good.

It’s okay to enjoy love.

It’s okay to share love.

It’s okay to move in love.

It’s okay to express love.

It’s okay to experience love.

It’s okay to be filled with love

It’s okay to allow love to flow in my life

It’s okay to have love flow through me, for my health.

It’s okay to have love nurture me.

It’s okay to thrive in love.

It’s okay to create in love.

It’s okay to allow love.

It’s okay to live in love.

It’s okay to give love.

It’s okay to be love.

It’s okay to accept the great present of love.