Espresso Gone Wild in Gorst, Belfair with Bikini, Nude Baristas

Espresso Gone Wild in Gorst, Washington is using a very old trick to attract customers: sex.

Baristas at the Highway 16 drive-through coffee stand wear a uniform consisting of lingerie and underwear and business has never been better. Espresso Gone Wild is one example of the bikini barista trend that has taken off around the country but some of their practices are even more risky.

Tuesdays and Fridays are "Pasty" days meaning that baristas work virtually topless with adhesive coverings on their nipples. Their plan seems to be working as cars line up, sometimes eight or 10 cars deep for a look at the employees.

Nearby Belfair, Washington were not as keen on having an Espresso Gone Wild coffee stand in their town. Officials in Mason County decided that the cafe is erotic entertainment and will be closed due to zoning laws if the baristas don’t cover up.

Seattle already has a coffee stand across from the world-famous space needle where drinks are prepared by "bikini baristas." We knew the northwest was famous for its coffee and now they are becoming famous for novel ways of serving it.

Sources: Seattle Times, Kitsap Sun