Facebook security

      Facebook security

                     By Emmanuel Udom

Facebook is one of the many wonders of the coming on board of internet and modernization. It is really a social media platform, like twitter, my space, YouTube and the rest.

But, what makes facebook tick is the fact that on the average, there are more than 800 million subscribers across the globe. It is still counting everyday, I must say. If it continues this way, the platform could assist in the serious issues of uniting the entire world for peace, harmony and progress.

Our business here in this write-up is not to sing the praises of the originator or founder of the online social site. We want to play up those security measures you as a person, or group should take to ensure that cyber criminals and persons of criminal natures do not hack into your account and wreck havoc. Your friendship and network, I must say is valuable to you and I.

Like every invention of man, the site is neither good nor bad. It is you, basically that know why you opened an account with facebook. Your reason will go a long way to show whether you are a fraudster or a person of noble and altruistic nature.

So, why did you open an account with facebook? I cannot answer this question for you. But, if you ask me I will say, I opened my account to network, share experiences, comment on issues at the local, state and national levels and at the bottom-line market my self, skill and passion at the global market place.

Therefore, I use my authentic picture, name and other personal information and try as much as possible to link up with people of like minds. Really, I am not an angle, who is perfect. But, in my dealings with myself and others, I strive to be honest, transparent, and sincere and open. This is my story.

But, there are millions of people out there, who use their facebook accounts to dupe, rape, defraud, intimidate, and carry out other criminal activities.  The Cynthia murder scandal, which received worldwide condemnations, is still fresh in our minds.
Beyond the noises generated by the incident, what lessons have people especially desperate ladies learnt? A big question, if you ask me.  Some facebook subscribers use fake names, addresses, pictures, cell numbers, etc to deal with greedy and gullible persons on the site.

They may smile to their banks to wherever with money criminally obtained from their victims. But, I know deep down that sooner or later, the law will catch up with them.

Facebook, as I said earlier is neither good nor bad, but you and you alone will decide what you want to use your account for. I will outline here some of the loopholes or pitfalls you have to watch out for when using you facebook account.

1 Keep your password secret.

2 Define and value your friends and networks on facebook.

3 Deal with known persons, groups or companies.

4 Take your time to investigate those who request to be your friend

5 Link up with people who talk on progressive or humanitarian issues.

6 Cross check with security agencies when you receive suspicious mails.

7 When you are in a public cybercafé, be careful of the next person while logging into your account.

8 Change your password from time to time.

9 Report suspicious activities, mails, comments or invitations to the facebook management or security agencies.

These are some since I know you can list the rest of the security tips.  But, know that you have got to protect your valuable personal information, friends, groups, and networks from hackers, internet criminals, fraudsters and those who want to reap from where they did not sow.