Fatima Says, I think I was Jolted, but Cheated

For many people in this strange world, somebody gain something and also somebody loose something. But for Fatima, a resident of Gazipur in Bangladesh it was the same life that teaches a big lesson and changed her to fight for a Cause.

Like normal being, Fatima completed the primary education near a Village in Gazipur. After that her father died in a road accident. The need to handle the family is fell on her shoulders as she is the elder of the children.

Fatima along with two younger sisters and mother find it difficult to carry the pressure and feed the family.

One day, Razzak a nearby resident of the locality called the Fatima mother and offered a job in Calcutta by lying that the employer will take care of her residence and needs of the family.

Poor mother trusted the words of Razzak and compelled her daughter Fatima to go with the Razzak.

One week after they left for Kolkata, the fate changed the life of Fatima and she was sold out for just 10000 Indian rupees.

She was not provided food for almost 10 days until she agrees to do the Prostitution in the area of ranigung where she was sold in.

When asked why she agreed to do so, she replied in dry words, "I have taken the responsibility to feed my family, If i left over the world, who will cares for my family? Then my family also have to do the same job or to come to me leaving the world."

Now she is fighting against the Cheaters who are bringing the innocent girls from various regions in India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Nepal also from Bangladesh.

She said," Innocent girls even not completing their sweet childhood are brought over here to sold with or without their knowledge. Girls from almost 15 countries are residing here doing the same job".