Feed the brain

Feed your brain and sharpen your mind

To feed the brain, you need, a daily plan. If you go to work, in the mornings, you will need, to be vibrant, so, taking iron tablets and ginseng, to increase your strength and energy, will be vital, although, you must verify, with your consultant or GP, before, taking, any medicine.

Always have, a light lunch break, to avoid, an increase, in exhaustion. When you are working, you are reducing stress, from sitting, moving around and talking.

In the evening, after work, you should try, a warm bath, with moisturizers or de-stress products, from the shops. You work daily, but need some form, of extra exercise, so, why not try, some skipping, swimming at the weekends.

Table tennis or possibly, golfing, may enhance, your skills and sharpen, the intellect. But remember, to have leisure, than, pursue a game, like golf, to rigorously, because of injuries, unless, you are a professional.

Get plenty of siesta, at weekends, to attain strength and vitality, from having had, a busy schedule, all week. You can sharpen your mind, during free moments, by knitting, learning a new language, you always, wanted to know about.

You can search online and make a research, on a project, you desire; you can learn, to write music, in music sheets, which needs, a lot of concentration, thereby, sharpening the brain and then, the skill.

You can read, some DIY books, to reduce cost, of paying someone else, to do, simple jobs, for you.

Feeding the brain, with healthy thoughts, is desirable and these can be done, by playing card games, with friends and family. Eating fresh foods and salads, enhance, the stamina, for yet another week.

Making your own sandwiches, to work, may be, more reliable, than getting off the shelves, if you are not quite used, to the shop make, in such, ready meals.

You can however, get the ingredients, to make sandwiches, that you are not allergic to and mix, for a crunchy, tasty, healthy meal.

If you do get, some burgers or sandwiches, from the shops, mix, fresh lettuce, sliced onions, some cucumber and other favorites, without salad cream and hope, for a more healthy brain and circulation.

After work, especially, during the week, always have a foot soak. Put some medicated bath salts or foot powdered salts, into warm water and soak feet, for twenty minutes, for a healthier circulation, between the legs and the brain.

Get some sleep, as early as possible and avoid nocturnal work, because, you have to work daily, as well, as get up early.


Source: http://jacksonencyclopaedia.blogspot.com/