Finances compulsory for promotion of Kashmiri language

Jammu, January 13(Scoop News) –On the concluding day of three-day seminar cum workshop organized by Central Institute Of Indian Languages Mysore in collaboration with J &K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages and under the aegis of All India Kashmiri Samaj(AIKS), Moti Kaul, AIKS President while  presiding the chair stressed on the need of framing a confederation at least on the issue of preserving  Kashmiri Language, literature and culture. Various pockets are working for this cause but the need of the hour is to concentrate on making an amalgam and summing it all at one centre. AIKS will sit together and take this project forward, said Kaul. To connect with the youth, it is very important that concrete steps be taken in actively involving the youth. On observing the various contours of the seminar we feel that though we are all laboriously working for the promotion of  Kashmiri literature, language and culture with our all might but finances are compulsory to give it a positive inertia.

Taking an initiative in this regard  Moti Kaul donated one lakh rupees to the authorities of Centre of Kashmiri Languages.

On the occasion Centre for Kashmir Literature, Languages and Culture came out with solid plans. Among those include preparing an online encyclopedia of Kashmiri Language, literature and culture which will be uploaded in the website of the CIKLLC, editing the works of Lal Ded, Nund Reshi, Mahjoor, Azad, Dina Nath Nadim, Zinda Koul, etc in Devnagri script, setting up of units of CKLLC at various places including Jammu and  having  Rinku Koul as a local correspondent in Jammu for Vaakh.

Earlier Dr. R L Shant summed up the seminar/workshop into strategies and plans of transcription of the literary materials into Devnagri, establishing a cell for the selection of poets in modern and contemporary literature, transcription of texts into publications, finding publishers and ways of sale of the books, holding of seminars and forming a literary federation.

In today’s, first session, different writers read papers on culture. They include Dr. R L Shant, Padam M L Kemu, Bal Krishen Sanyasi, S N Veer, Bimla Misri, Ashok Koul and  Jawahar Lal Raina. M L Kemu stressed on the need of reading, writing and studying and not focusing towards awards only. He also said that if the theatre finishes, it in turn, finishes the language itself.

 Aryan Ramesh, secretary AIKS, offered free accommodation for the cultural activities at Jammu and so a youth Subhash Zutshi appealed to send copies of respective books to start a library in Jagati Township.

In the concluding cultural session famous singer Rashid Jehagir emotionally surcharged the atmosphere and enthralled the audience.

Eminent personalities and the galaxy of writers present on the occasion include Dr. R K Bhat, Dr. Omkar Kaul, Dr. M K Kaul, Rajinder Raina, P N Shad, M K Bhat Nirdhan, Brij Hali, M K Santoshi, Pradip Khodbali, P L Sudeshi, Pyare Hatash, Bimla Raina, Hasrat Gadda, Bashir Baderwahi, Vir Saraf, Dr. M K Bharat, P K oul P N Kaul Sahil, J L Saroor, R L Jowhar, Surrinder Bali, and K K Riana.

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