After Delhi rape incident the safety and security of women and college going girls has become a primary concern of government and parents of girls across the country. However, the discussions and debates are revolving around the issues how to protect one self from rapists by suggesting silly measures like throwing chilly powder into the eyes of Rapists and keeping weapons in the bags, by ignoring the other related problems that endangers the women and college going girls’ security in their routine life.

The other related aspects that require serious attention of government include preventing eve-teasing and ragging of college going girls and housewives, by restraining or preventing undesirable and unsolicited calls/messages going into or going out from their mobile phones. The usage of cell phones without restrictions on the incoming and outgoing calls/messages, is endangering the safety and security of the women and college girls and contributing the eve-teasing and harassment of women through unsolicited messages and calls into their mobile phones.

Obtaining the mobile numbers of housewives and college girls by hooligans and known and unknown people and sending unsolicited and obscene messages has been a cause of great embarrassment for several women and college girls, as no mobile service providers including BSNL in India have provided so far ‘RESTRICTED NUMBERS SIM CARDS’ for women in this country, to avoid mobile call nuisances.

In ‘RESTRICTED NUMBERS SIM CARDS’ the customer can choose certain selected numbers of his family members, relatives and friends, say a 10 or 20 numbers and provide those numbers to mobile service provider, for incoming and outgoing calls/messages. Except from those selected numbers no incoming calls or messages from the other numbers of any phone would come into the phone and no calls and messages would go out from that SIM, except those selected and registered with the service provider. This would prevent a great embarrassment and harassment for the house wives/women and college going girls even if their number is leaked to other sources. Even if an eve-teaser or an unknown person tries to send a message or tries to call her, the call or message would never reach into her SIM card number.

Using ‘THE RESTRICTED NUMBERS SIM CARDS’ would also prevent the housewives and college going girls from establishing contacts with unknown persons and undesirable elements without the knowledge of their husbands and parents and all sorts of undesirable contacts can be prevented, because only those numbers registered with the mobile service provider would operate from that SIM card. Again in that, suppose if a women has selected a number of another person through ‘RESTRICTED NUMBER SIM CARD’ for incoming or outgoing call from her number without the knowledge of that person, but the other person whose ‘RESTRICTED NUMBER SIM CARD’, if has not registered her number in her SIM, she can not make a call to that number, nor that person to her. That means even if she registered another person number into her SIM card, the other person must also have the will to contact her through her ‘RESTRICTD NUMBER SIM CARD’. That means mutual willingness of both parties is necessary to contact each by registering their numbers with the service provider. This will definitely reduce the risks of undesirable contacts with other persons and nuisance calls and messages into the mobile phones of women and college girls.

Will Ministry of Home Affairs and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or Union Government or Higher courts on suo mouto basis takes necessary steps in sending instructions to mobile phone service provides to develop such software programme in SIM cards to undertake this plan immediately or not, we have to wait and watch, to understand how really they are interested in implementing any kind of suggestive policy for the safety and security of women in this country. By dchaitanya.