Forgiveness – Freedom from the Emotional Shackles of the Past

You can never be happy if you cannot forgive. That’s because without forgiveness, you end up a slave to subconscious emotional charges you carry inside. In other words, if you can’t forgive, somewhere inside, you will always be a victim to your own anger, hurt or fear. With that said, let’s take a look at what forgiveness really is.

Forgiveness may not be what you think. My original ideas of forgiveness were likened to the priest and the confessor. I would stand mightily and grant my absolution to my transgressors. Problem was, I was still pissed off at them. I’ve grown to understand forgiveness as a disconnection of energy. If someone has been wronged or hurt by someone, they are connected through anger, victimhood, horror or sadness. Forgiveness is when that connection no longer exists and the emotional charge has been released. That does not mean condoning unacceptable behavior. It just means letting go of a negative relationship.

The real secret to forgiveness is understanding the underlying pain, anger, etc. is from the past and the emotions are stuck inside of you.  The easiest way to release past emotion is simply to relax, remember the past, feel the feelings, and let them go.  If you find that too difficult to do you may need help from someone who works with the subconscious.  These people include hypnotherapist, energy healers and possibly acupuncturists.

How will you know when forgiveness is complete?  It’s simple.  All you have to do is think of the perpetrator of your pain.  If no more anger, pain, horror, etc. come up when you think of them, then you’re free.  Forgiveness is done.