Four Things You Should Know About ACLS Certification

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification preps healthcare professionals to provide life-saving measures to an individual experiencing a medical emergency. By completing ACLS online, students can complete all of their training at their pace and convenience. However, individuals seeking initial ACLS certification must complete an in-person skills evaluation session with an American Heart Association-approved ACLS instructor.

Before beginning the ACLS certification course, potential students should understand some additional information about what to expect.

Michael Huckabee, Ph.D., PA-C, Director of the Physician Assistant Program and professor of Physician Assistant Studies at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, shares these four facts:

1.            BLS certification is required prior to ACLS certification. ACLS certification builds on the skills learned in a basic life support (BLS) course. To effectively administer ACLS, it’s important to first master BLS.

2.            ACLS certification is required of many healthcare professionals. ACLS is often mandatory for healthcare professionals, including physicians, paramedics, nurses, EMTs and mid-level providers, among others. Pediatric advanced life support (PALS) certification may also be required depending on your work situation. Family practices or emergency departments that see patients of all ages may require professionals to be certified in both ACLS and PALS. 

3.            ACLS is a standard practice. ACLS standards extend across healthcare fields and professions to help ensure emergency responders are on the same page when responding to a medical emergency. When everyone involved in a rescue follows the same ACLS procedures, the entire process is more coordinated and efficient.

4.            Online courses are a viable option for ACLS certification and ACLS recertification. Health Education Solutions, the leading provider of continuing education solutions for health care professionals, offers healthcare professionals requiring ACLS certification the option of completing courses at their own pace and in their own timeframe. Individuals are offered one free retake, if needed, with online remediation.

Health Education Solutions offers ACLS certification for healthcare professionals seeking initial and ongoing recertification. ACLS courses were developed in partnership with Union College.