Free Will Is Of God, Free Choice Is Man’s

Since there seems to be some confusion amongst my bretheren over "Free Will" and "Free Choice", I felt it necessary to try and clarify things by establishing the difference.

We pray: "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." In other words we are acknowledging that Almighty God has the power to "Will things", and we are promising to do His will, God’s will on earth, just as God’s will is carried out, by the angels and the saints residing in heaven.

Almighty God is the only one who has "Free Will" and can "Will" something into being or into happening. This was made evident in the first book of Genesis, 1: vs. 1-25 as we see God simply"speaks" the earth, the heavens, the sun,moon,stars,water, land, plants, and, animals into being and through God’s will, they simply become.

In other words God "Willed" their existance and God saw that they were all very good.

No man no human has this kind of power. No human can simply say " I will" water to flow from the tap and it starts to flow. No man can say "I will" cancer to be cured, in this person or that person, and just by thinking it, it becomes so. No human can "Will" Manna to rain down from the heavens, and make it happen. Any person who believes that this is possible is delusional.


God can do these things and do them effortlessly in the twinkling of an eye. God "Wills" it to happen, and it happens.

God did give man a certain power over himself though, a power that God will not try and control.

God gave to mankind "Free Choice" the power to choose, to choose whether or not man will live according to God’s Holy Will, or, choose to go against God’s Holy Will, and try and exist without God and without God’s help and influence. Like the fallen angels, man can choose to be rebellious and rebel.

This is made evident as God deals with man and forbids man to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This was God’s one and only commandment to Adam and Eve and he emphasises his commandment by telling them that to fail to keep this one law, it was going to be punishable by death.

The only thing that God doesn’t spell out for them is that the death God was referring to was not a physical death, but a spiritual death, for they would become spiritually dead to God, no longer in spiritual contact with Him.

Since that fateful day when Adam failed God’s test of obedience, man has had to "Choose" through "Free Choice" whether to do what God has willed, or, whether to be disobedient and "Choose" to go against God’s will. Some might believe that when the choose the latter, they are imposing their "Will" into the scene, but this would be a false belief, for God’s "Will" is never changing, no matter what you might choose, which path you might choose to take, whether it be in opposition to God and His Will, or, not.

You might like to think that you have been gifted with "Free Will" but infact you have not and you deceive yourself if you think otherwise. You will never ever be able to simply with ease "Will something" into happening, or into being so. Only Almighty God is capable of this.

When you think you are opposing God’s Will, and asserting your own ‘will’ into some situation, you are just fooling yourself. Yes you are standing in opposition to God’s will but you are not willing anything but choosing another path.