Ghiyas -ud- Din Balban defeated the Rajputs from Rohilkhand

Ghiyas -ud- Din Balban period was 1246 to 1247 AD.

Ghiyas -ud- Din Balban was a slave of Turkish origin. He took all the major administrative decisions as the the representative of the Sultan Nasir- un -din. In 1246 AD. The sultan died and Balban himself ascended the throne. Many revolts that started in Bengal and the North -West region of India were suppressed. He enforced many strict regulations in the court and forced all commanders into submission. There was a `gang’ of forty commanders’ opposed to him, and he had it dissolved. He had a strong military force.


Balban suppressed the dacoits and looters who infested the Ganga -Jamuna doab and the Avadh (Ayodhya) region. He punished the rebels ruthlessly. He defeated the Rajputs from Rohilkhand. The rebels in Bengal were punished cruelly. The continuous inroads of the Mongols from Central Asia was a major handicap that Balban had to face throughout his reign. He sent his son Mohamed to check the invaders. He died in one of those encounters. Still Balban defeated the Mongols and conquered Lahore.


Though he was a despot he had not lost his sense of justice. He was highly devoted to Muslim saints. He had sheltered saints coming from Central Asia his court encouraged Islamic literature and culture. Persian poets like Amir Hussain Dehalavi was patronized by him. Balban died in 1287 AD.


His successor was his grandson. Kaikubad who was killed in 1290 AD. Thus the line of the Slaves ended and that of the Khiljis began.