Globalist Hillary Clinton Calling Now For Further Sanctions Against Iran

It was reported in the mainstream news media today that U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton is now calling for greater sanctions against Iran in order to address the supposed build up of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, and in the wake of Iran’s testing of some of it’s military might this past weekend in the Middle East.

In defense, once again, apparently of Israel and American military bases which are situated now throughout the world over sixty years after World War II at this point.

The Nation of Israel was created by the Balfour Doctrine over 20 years even prior to World War II in an agreement made between Great Britian and the Zionist movement within its own country, between Lord Balfour and Baron Rothchild, who just so happens to also own the greatest share of "stock" in the Federal Reserve, the banking institution that was unlawfully and illegally created under the Wilson Administration in 1913 and has been manipulating the U.S. economy for their own profits ever since.

And who is in possession of all the true weath of this nation, the gold, as security for their debt notes (U.S. dollars they no longer even provide through paper notes any longer, since most banking is done through internet bank transfers).

In all the ballyhoo and attempts again to gain sympathy for Israel, Ms. Clinton seems to leave out the point that due to the Rothschild’s continuing funding of the Nation of Israel, at the American taxpayer’s expense in the foreign aid we have extended to that country since World War II, Israel has enough nuclear weaponry, power and might of its own to wipe the planet clean about 20 times over.

And the U.S. about 100 times over, due also to the Reagan Star Wars initiatives during that Administration.  So neither country is without its own nuclear weaponry nor uranium interests.  And our foreign bases were also more than adequately provided with satellite capabilities also during the space station missions over the last few decades.

It appears the U.N. is asking the impossible, and the continued alliances of this country with Great Britain’s problem has now also continually compromised the safety and security of United States citizens now progressively since the ending of World War II.  This is fundamentally Britain’s problem, yet through our bank ownership it is the American people whose lives and economies have now been adversely impacted to the point where many are both jobless and homeless.

And with a far greater threat to our own national security actually directly to the south, from this former border state resident’s perspective.  More lives have been lost in the borders states, and property, since the Reagan years than at least ten 9/11s.

And which negligence has now left literally thousands of border state residents now homeless due to the increases in crime and theft, and lives lost which have occurred. 

In addition, apparently, to the practices of the loan shark terms of those Federal Reserve bank branches and the Rothchild’s in the loss and depression of the housing market there apparently for their "sovereign subject" Canadian retirees on the backs of the American homeowners that owned most of those West and Southwestern homes now  being foreclosed upon.

So when are those Eastern elitists on the Hill actually going to wake up and smell the coffee.  Or are their election campaigns and the protection of Israel at the cost of American lives, jobs and homelessless now their true "constituents," as the globalists and not Americans they truly continue to prove themselves to be with such positions as Ms. Clinton’s.

And just where are all those outraged "Democrats" during the Bush years?

Supporting apparently also expanding these sanctions and engaging in also racheting up the public sentiments for attacks on Iran. 

Just read some of the "stimulus" provided citizen websites owned by those Silicon Valley venture capitalists now continuing to profit the longer our presence in the Middle East remains.  And who were also the greatest recipients of those stimulus monies for the DHS domestic spying program now on Americans, rather than securing our own borders adequately instead.

It appears at this point that at least half the citizens that live in the United States at the present time are actually foreigners, whether by birth or by allegiance.

And in Washington, about nine tenths of them.