Glock 19 Kills 28 in Connecticut

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Another proud day for Gaston Glock.  His beloved Glock semi-automatic pistol has again been picked by a mass murderer as the weapon of choice.  This time, this wonderful gun,  protected by the Second Amendent, has killed or wounded 28 people including children in an elementary school in Connecticut.   The Glock was the weapon of choice at Virigina Tech (57 casualities), the hit on Gabrielle Giffords (19 casualities) and  Utoeya Island, Norway (68 casualities; one per minute), to name the most horrible recent trageDIES involving its use.

A Glock has no other purpose than to kill people.  It is not a gun used to hunt deer or geese.  It designed to fire rapidly, so as many people as possible can be killed as quickly as possible.

Too bad in the Presidential debate they didn’t use my emailed question, "Would you ban the Glock if elected President?"

The Glock 19 is manufactured by Glock GmbH of Deutsch-Wagram, Austria.  It is marketed in semi-automatic pistol markets as "The Next Generation of Perfection"    The Glock is the ultimate killing machine. 

Glock GmbH is owned by Gaston Glock, according to Yahoo Finance, and its Marketing Director is Herbert Weikinger.   Gaston Glock is a unrepentent gun lover,   "As shooters and gun owners, we must band together with even greater zeal than in the past," he wrote when Barack Obama was elected President. "We are not going to roll over and have our guns taken away because of some of our misguided neighbors, no matter who they are."

Gaston is another example of a foreigner who is meddling in American politics.   (Rupert Murdoch is the worst offender and should have his ownership of Fox News revoked for his Tweets during the recent election — imagine if a Russian owned Fox News — who in the US Government would tolerate that for ten minutes).  Gaston Glock should be banned from entering the United States because he supports domestic criminals.

I also hold the Nobel Peace Price winning European Union responsible.  It should shut down the Glock factory and others like it in the EU and stop exporting terrorism, mayhem and violence.

I blame the nation of Austria.  It should shut down the Glock factory.

I blame the people of Deutsch-Wagram.  If they were true men and women of honor, they would shutdown the Glock factory.

Finally, Gaston and Herbert, it is time for you to close your factory and atone for your sins.

Once again, this tragedy demonstrates that it is easy for a crazy person to commit a random act of delusional violence given the Second Amendment and its protection of guns.  The Second Amendment needs to be repealed, yet not a single Congressman or Senator will introduce such a bill in Congress.  Not one. 

Many will say that a gun didn’t kill 20 children, a person named Adam Lanza did.  They are wrong.  Without a gun, Adam Lanza could not have killed a single person before he was subdued by the women in the room. 

So I blame the entire New York and Connecticut delegations to Congress.  Chuck Schumer have the courage to repeal the Second Amendment.  Kristen Gillibrand do the right thing and stand up to the gun lobby.  The ‘invisible except during an election year’ Congresswoman from my district, the New York 18th, Nita Lowey  step up and put your money where your mouth is and protect the kids.